Platform Shooter: Little Green Soldier (NOW ON ARCADE!)

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  • Guess who's back! With a graphical overhaul, and sweet new GIFs to go with it!!

    I didn't want it to be a desert, actually - more like a gloomy junkyard kinda place. Which is why the level is named "DESERT?" in that it's not actually a desert. Look carefully into the background...

    More on the village once I settle my Mid-year exams!

    As always, comment if you feel like it!

  • Very nice character and gameplay mechanic. There is a lot you can do with this. Hope you succeed.

  • Very cool!

  • Man, I love your graphical style. Articulate and interesting.

  • Windwalker JPBreau allowiscous Thanks a bunch guys! I can't believe people are still on the watch for this project :'D

    Having just finished my exams yesterday, I've already gone back to Little Green Soldier to fix some major bugs and touch up the graphics for Level 1.

    Next I'll redo the graphics for the village, implement all the villagers, events and dialogues, and then I can give another alpha release.

    I'm also considering to restart the thread for this game at the WIP/Feedback forum, since the more serious projects seem to be over there.

    Thanks! And everyone - feel free to give any feedback!

  • This is awesome, its like if mega man and kirby had a child!



  • I really want to know how you set that the player don't shoot when crouched. Please help me (Post from the future)

  • This game reminds me of mega man.

    Looks very good. I really needed health pick ups

  • nice game

  • Love the game, music is amazing by the way

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  • Nice look! Awesome game play mechanic. Its like Kirby and Mega man had a baby.

  • mrnannings abdalghani liev04 billy Bleeks

    Thank you so much everyone, especially after the thread has been stagnant for so long - thank you for rediscovering it.

    Currently busy in IBDP, but I've never forgotten about this game. I'll jump onto it the first thing this December.

    Now using my pockets of free time to learn composing in Famitracker!

    I'm glad it feels like Megaman / Kirby - it's the look and feel I've been trying to imitate.

    More to come!!


    If you still need the pointers, do shoot me a PM; I'll be glad to help.



    Well, nuts. It seems to be stuck on the loading screen. Loader layout doesn't seem to be working either...

    If you've opened the link, please help me confirm if it's the case for you as well.


    Hey guys, it's been quite a while.

    I'm so stuck with schoolwork that I haven't made a whole lot of progress on Little Green Soldier, but anyway, in my hiatus I've done the following:

    • Update Level 1 graphics
    • Add health drop
    • Change screen size to 400x300
    • Add skip option throughout intro
    • Add mute controls for all screens
    • Lots and lots of debugging!

    Things left to do:

    • Make a more dramatic explosion for the boss
    • Make death animation/sequence

    As always, feel free to leave a comment/criticism!

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