The Next Penelope (2D F-Zero / Ulysses 31)

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  • Woohoo! Bought!

  • Downloading now!

  • Downloading as we speak. Good luck!

  • Holy f*ck. Been playing this on my Macbook Pro Retina today and considering the specs i'm running, i must admit that I'm quite blown away by this game. It ran surprisingly well on mid settings with all the shaders on. Heck it was even playable with mode 7-ish perspective turned on also but I enjoyed it more without it. Not the fact that its built using C2, but this is definitely top tier quality in design, graphics, sound, and graphics. Not only that, but its fricken fun as hell too . I like the first Velocity Ultra, the second one on the PS4 was even better, but Penelope by far is much more enjoyable in my opinion. If you guys don't have this yet...get it NOW!!!

    It does have a few quirky moments though, like the scenes seem to jump a few times during the race. Not sure if its the low specs of my MacBook Pro Retina, or the game itself. I even turned it down to low settings and it still occasionally happens. Also uses some intense resources as the MacBook's fan started kicking in as I was playing. Still, none of it deviated from the gameplay. Should also mention that during the crash scenes, for some odd reason it gets extremely sloooww.... on any settings.

    I'm about to try this out on my PC now, which has considerable more horsepower. Will report later...

    BTW, Mac specs : 2.6GHz i5, 16GB 1600MHz RAM, 256GB PCIe HHD, Intel Iris Graphics

  • loving this it's really well done. Awesome work. great showcase of Constructs ability's

  • volkiller730

    Work on your controls

    Something with verical planes for touchscreen

    Example you can find here:

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  • Bought and beat it in 5 hours. The last boss was a two stage hell, but the sheer amount of bomb spamming i did, gave me the victory. xD

  • Ah ah, It's so nice to see people playing it at last : ))))

    I'm so happy right now.

    I'm eager to start to work on the addtional missions and multiplayer. I have a few bugs to fix before that, but fantastic launch so far.

    Ashley Tom I can't thank Construct2 enough for making this possible! Love you guys!!

  • Just bought it! Good luck!

  • Thanks! Much appreciated : )

  • Aurel Ashley Tom

    Why GameMaker and Fusion 2.5 show steam games created by them and construct 2 not? Quality games like the next penelope could have a Logo created with C2.

  • Aurel Ashley Tom

    Why GameMaker and Fusion 2.5 show steam games created by them and construct 2 not? Quality games like the next penelope could have a Logo created with C2.

    Surely thats down to the dev to decide, especially if he has a Business licence. A forced splash screen might put some people off. You should be under no obligations to state in any form what software the game was made with, most players couldn't care less.

  • Absolutely love it - well done. Amazing that one person has made it.

  • JamesXXXYZ Ethan Ashley Tom

    Actually, I will add a C2 logo at start for the full release. For now, I'm using the bootscreen to display lastest updates and important messages for press, but adding it has always been my plan. We're talking about a lot of things lately on the forum, but I will always support Construct 2 every time I can.

    So, yes, C2 logo at start there will be for the full release : )

    Mark Thanks a lot! I'm getting tons of feedback about the game for one week, and it really means something to me after these 2 years. People actually care about the game, and it's super heartwarming. I'm pretty happy now : )

  • Very few games get such high positive ratings (100%!!), so you're onto a winner when its released!

    Beautiful creativity and talent to back it up.

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