MAESTRO: Jungle Adventure BETA coming this week!

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  • Hello everyone, I'll be documenting my first ever experience of releasing my first game on the Google Play store. Also, I'll update regularly, and answer any questions you might have about the process (which I myself am still learning haha).

    First off, can anyone give me some good tips on getting good screenshots and videos of my app for the Google play store?

    Here is a screen I've taken, game looks better in person though:

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • I have 5 layers going with a moving background (sunset/nightfall), 77 events so far, and its running with big sprites and lots of sounds..all at 45 fps on my phone, probably run at 20 to 30 fps on a single core..

  • [TUBE][/TUBE]

  • Good job Billy, cool background.

    What kind of resolution you used to program the game? I want to create an application for smartphones (by CocoonJS) but i have some problems with scale of display.

    What settings you used to set it up that way?

  • Thanks Simo, My window size is 640X360 and I use "scale inner". My layout is always at a 360 height will varying widths as the game scrolls across the stage. Hope that helps..cheers!

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    Approx Download Size: 6MB

    Memory Usage: 40MB

    Events: 77

    WebGL is OFF (Probably can get higher framerates with it on but wanted to optimize for slower machines when making the game. I will switch it on for the release)

  • COMPLETION TIME: 30 days (roughly about 60 hours) This includes conceptualizing, designing, testing, learning Construct 2, trial and error, was completed on my time off from my full time job as a chef.

  • I dont use effects at all to keep my frame rates running smoothly on the mobiles. Cant wait to utilize all the cool filters and effects for my future PC, Ouya and tablet projects.

  • Thank you very much for the reply, just one last question.

    what you have selected in cocoonjs between the following:

    Scale to fill

    Scale to fit

    Strecht to fill

    Thanks again. :)

  • Hey no problemo..i use scale to fill

  • Okay, so now we are just about a day away from the Beta launch day and there is much to do! Today's list of duties is finishing up the level, I'm about 70% done. Next I will be implementing the Facebook high scores, MoPub Banner ad and simple menu objects like "restart level", "go to title screen" and overall optimizing everything for faster frame rates and cleaning up my tiles. If everything goes as planned, Maestro: Jungle Adventure Beta will be up on the Android Google Play store tomorrow. Very exciting time for me, the pressure is on!

  • We are a few hours away from finalizing the beta for release later tonight on the Google Play Store. I worked on the damn thing until 9am this morning, slept 3 hours and now I'm back at it again. Everything is coming along nicely, one problem though is it seems Ludei's cloud compilation service is down for the moment. Does anyone know if there is another way to compile with CocoonJs?

  • Nice, Ludei must have had a service break but now we're up and running again with the exports. I needed the compiled version to test as it has a slightly faster song load time which I have to adjust to get the sounds just right. Also you can notice gaps between tiles when viewing the game on the phone. By midnight the demo will be up!

  • (Enters with foot in his mouth...)

    mmm..bmmm.hmmm..(takes foot out of mouth..)

    Yuck! Ok! Obviously my demo didnt release on time..rookie mistake!!

    I was about ready to launch so I tried out the game on a few different phones and tablets...and ahhhhh!! Some phones played sounds differently, on one phone the tiles had gaps between them as it scrolled, and my score hud was cut off screen on another phone..

    Its all good as this experience of not making it out on time has taught me quite a bit about readying a game for release on Android. More info and specifics will be coming soon. Cheers and keep your eyes peeled for the game sometime this week!

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