MAESTRO: Jungle Adventure BETA coming this week!

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  • rofl :P

    I missed half of the opening screen too, like the word adventure only showed half.

    I believe if you use that proposed scale, and make sure your background is like 10 or 20 % wider, then you wont get white or black sides, but youll see the rest of the background ;)

    Also, something that sprung to mind, there is no explenation apart from on google play itself. Might be an idea to include some info in game :) I had to go back to find out what I was suposed to do hehe :P

    the terrible rank was not due my fault, I didnt had enough time to click them bugs, as my playing field lacked a good percentage heheh :P

    With the scaling option and bigger background, it would have llooked the same as on your device I think :)

  • ok next update i'll do what I can haha!

    Oh yeah and I say these things with a light heart, I love you guys and want to see us grow ones alone here right? If we all supported each other C2 games would top the lists eventually, this is just the beginning..

  • loddy doddy


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  • We will be on Kongregate later today, with our first update fixes for Android coming later this week! Also Windows 8 users, Tizen users and Blackberry...expect those ports very soon!

  • Okay,TWO QUESTIONS!! :) Lets see if you're finally up to it!

    I want to put in an ad when the user restarts the game for a second or they have to press the X to close anyone have good links that can help with this info?

    Number two, Ive read a bunch about the facebook command for highscoresz and whatnot, can you post a screenshot as well? And does it work? For android? And again the best links please..


  • here is the Kongregate link, its out now, try it!! ... nture-beta

  • yoooowww :D tested it out in ff and ie :)

    didnt got to finish a level, it was taking a bit long hehe

    Anyway, I enjoyed it more on the webversion seeing as I got to see the whole view :D

    Its a good game, might want to look at the pace perhaps, as after two or three times I can imagine the more impatient people freaking out hehe

    Ads, I havent done ads for kongegate, but I have done ads in the embedded html index page which c2 creates.

    I signed up with life street, as they have 160x600 banners, which fit nicely on the side if you have a portrait type game.

    Also, they are on the side of the game, not over.

    The life street sdk thing was easy, just a link to a js script file in the header and a small piece of javascript in the div.

    I did had a couple goes with the native facebook object support ... got up to where my android was able to pop up a share link to post to wall, and webpages was a bit more easy ... the highscore system requires a bit more insight, you need to read a lot if you havent done it before -_-   , and would advised picking one of scirras more well defined tutorials, or youll be hopping countless of webpages with information going nuts ... at least I did whaha

    Good luck with the game, looking solid, and love the tunes ^_^

  • Hey, thanks for the feedback and information, you rock! :)

    Okay, so with the pace in the full version I'll be making stages in 30 second, 1 minute and 2 minute time lengths with bosses being unlimited until they are perished..

    Kongregate is amazing, ads are already included, very easy to export and upload to, and the more plays, the more pay..if you have a chance please rate it, thanks a zillion!

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