MAESTRO: Jungle Adventure BETA coming this week!

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Tileset for platformer games with jungle, forest, treasure hunt, prehistoric, ethnic, and tribes theme.
  • Thanks procras, inspirational for sure! Check these 80s inspired beats:

    So now not only does the forums not know how to fix the webstorage, Scirra support staff is even less helpful and kind of frustrating. Its really sad that many have got it to work but cant take a second to help a brother.


    Its okay, im going to take another road, do it myself. Good luck to you all on the continued success of this platform, lets make this the place to be in indie gaming. Push harder, never give excuses..if youre not constantly working hard, thinking, planning, testing you dont have a chance..Keep it UP!

  • Nice tracks man! Loving To Norway With Love :)

    What problem are you having with webstorage anyway? I did a few things with webstorage.. sill got the capx's for various things.

  • Yeah I want to work with that dude for sure, hes done a couple apps already. I would love to look at your capxs...thanks so much!

  • Okay!! Friends we are READY!!!!!

    I will not be using webstorage but have found the proper information that I'll use for the full version or in an update to the beta.

    We added a C,B,A,S and Platinum S Ranking System which adds so much more to the experience!

    Friends, let your friends know, lets show the world that HTML 5 and C2 are a force to be reckoned with!!

    Just have to send the file to GooglePlay so look for the game sometime tonight!!

  • Last call for some info! Can anyone send me a link about exporting to google play...a easy and good a rush before a party..if ya can shave a few minutes of work by helping its much appreciated

  • Not sure how to submit to Google Play, have you tried searching the Google support knowledge base/etc for adding apps?

    Also, you might be better to request the information in the "How do I?" forum, rather than "Your Creations" to get better support.

  • Thanks Jayjay, I'll let you know how I did it when its up. Was locked out of my Google Play developer page but now Im in so the game will be on the market today!

  • ITS OUT!!!!

  • Okay so has anyone tried the game? I'm interested in your opinions, please post a comment, negative or positive, its all constructive right?

    Also, does anyone know how long it takes to get some real updated stats from Google Play. I know on launch day (Monday we got 10-50 downloads, so pretty good start! But it hasnt updated since..hmm

  • oops

  • Im not sure anyone in this community has tried our project yet but if you do download our game on your phone send me a PM to your game and i'll return the favor. I really would like to know what people thought and if it werks well on other peoples devices.

    Maestro Jungle Adventure

    -Google App Store

  • Haha

    Just before, I read your post in the introduce yourself thread, Natal.

    Possibly being an on the other world double in family relations and youth, ... I thought I followed your trail to this topic :)

    Was kinda surprised at the messages ... at first ...

    Then it hit me, this community here is not like a 'social' communnity ... dont get me wrong, lots of nice folks here ... but ... lemme splain this, we're mostly nerdy natured with a flair for affliction for our own creations wanting to marvel in our own progress ... type of folks..

    Mostly techies, and artists.

    I dont think having one thread with info to a games release will get as much attention in this forum as you both like :D

    Now if there are problems, Im betting you can get lots of replies, hehe

    Anywysz, I followed your trail cos you seemed somewhat from the same scope of life hehe so there must be something here ^_^

    comodore64 tapes and flops :D

    amiga500 with 512 kb mem expansion, costing a fortune back then hahah

    comodore pc01 8086

    Youngest of 3 brothers

    80s gen

    betting there are lots of us here :P

    I downloaded the game, gonna give it a try and will let ya know

  • Thanx a bunch! was about to head out on vacation for the next three weeks and im glad I saw this before I left. Gave me a smile. I defenitley feel the 80's gen coming out in all forms of media in the past decade. I do believe its our time to shine. awesome reading what we have in common. good stuff. Thanx alot for reaching out, I really appreciate it. Hope you enjoy! :D

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  • hehe :D

    I got B rank :P no idea if its any good as I cant see other scores lol

    I liked the music and tunes, kept me eager in seeing whats coming next.

    The creatures, though nicely drawn, became a bit boring after 20 or so, as the interaction left little to the imagination.

    I was expecting the character to do something at some point, almost expecting having to do a couple of disco move combos to finish of the creatures hehe.

    Had a slight problem with the screen width.

    I think about 10 / 15 % of each side is missing on my device. I think if you applied scale to outer you will not loose any of the layout and still fill the screen.

    Other then that, great looking game :D looking forward for more

  • oopsy

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