MAESTRO: Jungle Adventure BETA coming this week!

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  • So we are finished the level, Im having a problem with a simple high score saved on web storage...can anyone help me with this? I'll post a couple screenshots of the event sheet..if you would like a look at the capx i can email it to you..Cheers

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  • So.. nobody knows huh? So close to finishing, looks like I'll have to figure it out myself..or send my capx to Ashley or something..

    When you all play it, you'll see that this game is one of the most original titles on forums and soon the Google Play store..

    Come on guys, lets do this

  • Did you check this tutorial?

  • OK I know whats wrong, Ive seen this tutorial before but I caught something this time...He places a webstorage object in the layout...for some reason I have Webstorage as an object on my project list but I cant place it into the layout and if I doubleclick the layout to insert an object into the layout the option (icon) to place Webstorage is missing!

  • No actually its not the problem...the webstorage icon dissapears once you have placed it..damn gettin close

  • Okay Ive tried many things, Ive wasted hours of my life, none of you seem to know anything about Webstorage and neither do I apparently haha..So I have to see the big man in the sky..Ashley will know what to do.. Thanks anyways everyone..

  • Kind of reminds me of an old arcade game in the 80s. You had to protect a character from dangers that waited by shooting them.

  • Great intuition you have my friend. Im an 80s child, born 1980. Grew up playing Pong in the arcade to Collecovison, Intellivision, Game and Watch then onto the more defining and popular systems. Before my brother and I got our first "real" system Atari we would roleplay using paper cut outs. My bro even drew the cartridges and the system so I could place them in and play different games! We even almost got killed by a car, jaywalking to go try out Bubble Bobble at the corner Arcade, we both got hit by the same car!! We were die hard and still die hard haha. Its interesting that protection scenarios in games like Atari's missile command were alot more fun than many of todays frustrating protect the civilians or dont get caught once modes..thanks for reminding me..

    PS - This game is a love letter to 80s gaming!

  • Ahhh nice! Good to meet another from that era. It's a nice homage, and if you see the game I'm talking about you'll instantly see what I mean.. gonna look now ;)

  • Can't find that damn game. It was awesome at the time. Probably crap as hell now. There was a character (wizard I think) who automatically walked across the screen and creatures / hazards tried to kill the character so it was up to the player to shoot them down with a laser gun (actual gun was a crossbow if I remember rightly). Each screen was one level. When the wizard go to the other side, it went to the next screen with new hazards etc. There were other characters that if you saved them, they would join your little group and you'd have to protect those too.

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  • Typical, after I posted, I thought I'd do one more search and voila!


  • Heading to work, will check it out! Thanks!

  • There's a video on the page of the first link at the bottom from what I remember. You may get some ideas from that ;)

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