Insanity's Blade Green Lit! Final Release Dec 1st on Steam

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  • blazah99 Thanks! And Congrats to you as well!!

  • Well it's been a long time since I did a post, so I wanted to point everyone over to our IndieDB page to check out the game trailer and all the new game shots! The game release is just around the corner - it's been pushed back after a few set backs but it's still on track and in our tiny bit of extra bug squishing time we may have had time to add in some extra bits to make the game even more exciting!

    So get over to the IndieDB page now:

    Seriously - check it out! We won't bite


  • Cool Trailer. The game is looking nice. The soundtrack is good.

  • TunaUppercut Thanks

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  • Amazing game guys, great work! Was curious if you have had any trouble with fps on Wii U at all? Have you tested on the dev kit yet?


  • Nice!

  • One question, are you approved to publish your game in Wii U??

  • We are having the entire game re-coded in Unity because WebGL isn't supported yet and a lot of FX were used in the game. Also the game skips frames on a 2ghz dual core pc, a Wii U isn't going to run it in HTML5.

    We have the full dev kit for developing in Both C2 and Unity and have had is since March.

    Joannesalfa We have to go through the approval process once the PC version is released. The Unity version will take a couple more months. I'm expecting we might have to remove the nipple on the dancing zombie for nintendo. But there's nothing in there worth kicking up a stink over! The only thing people have been worried about is the name because of Infinity Blade. Lucky for me Insanity's Blade came first (2002-2003).

    Thanks for the kind comments as always guys!!

  • How are you converting this game from HTML5 to Unity? Do you have hired programmers?

    PD: I can't see a f*cking nipple on the dancing zombie! more like you remove all violence graphic.

  • How are you converting this game from HTML5 to Unity? Do you have hired programmers?

    Also curious about this & what the costs are for something like that.

  • Joannesalfa We have hired Unity devs to reprogram the entire game. It's costing quite a bit. Depending on the project it could cost very little or it can cost someones full year wages. We had to shop around.

  • Any references you could recommend?

  • Not yet. It was tricky to find the one I have and I can't recommend them until I see the end result. This one ended up coming from one company we contacted that wanted $20,000+ to convert the game - they gave us his contact and that was that.

    I will let you know how everything goes in the end though!

  • Might have to get a Wii U...

  • Great game you have.

    From your experience using unity to make mobile games better or using Html 5 software?

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