Insanity's Blade Green Lit! Final Release Dec 1st on Steam

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  • I'll test it on my laptop later today for you, its a dual core with integrated Intel HD4000 (extremely weak compared to GTX460!).

  • I'm thinking it's an issue with the game running too fast for you TunaUppercut so that it's able to skip a collisions check in the physics and step past the floor, or otherwise it runs the physics many times before collisions are re-activated. Can you set the overclock on your PC manually back to the 2.7GHz level?

  • TunaUppercut I've dumped another version of the game with the old box2d physics engine enable for you to try. Aside of that I can only try dumping the player higher off the ground so it doesn't skip the physics check.

    Jayjay The overclock wont make a difference. Both my i5 and i7 are set the same way and I have a far steeper overclock on my gaming rig than TunaUppercut does too. From 2.4ghz to 3.66 or something worse. I think I can do a work around for this scenario just by spawning the player 16px higher at checkpoints.

    Here is the file:

    If this doesn't work I'll do the -16px y drop on the spawning. Aside of that maybe pausing before the level starts to let the event sheets catch up?

    Also just confirmed is the age of the cpu, not the speed that is causing the slow down. Someone with these specs runs the game perfectly:

    Intel Pentium P6200 2.13Ghz

    4GB DDR3 Ram

    Intel HD Graphics

    This laptop is only 3 years old.

  • I just tested it. And the player still falls through the floor.

  • TunaUppercut Thanks for testing for me. I'll have to write a work around for that in the morning. I may also do a web version of the demo to test in Chrome. At least we can pin point if the problem is C2 or Node Webkit that way.

  • TunaUppercut Ok - I can't sleep thinking something is broken when I can do a work around. So I just went in and added -32px to the y pos when respawning. Watching your video shows that the player is getting ahead of the level even starting. It's usually the other way around, you here him make a fall sound before he appears. But the detection there is completely c2 collisions. The floors are solid, so when the level restarts its ignoring the collision detection for the player. Hopefully setting the y pos on respawn to be higher will fix this! Here's a build - I'm going to bed LOL!

  • I tried the new demo and the player still drops through the ground.

  • TunaUppercut I fixed it this time, I finally got it to happen to me. For some reason the level reset code isn't happening in order on some machines. I got it to happen on my Macbook Pro (Windows 7 and the core 2 duo is 64bit and the game is actually running smoothly) so I could see exactly what was happening and it was player respawning before the level reset which shouldn't technically happen. So I altered the camera code to fix the issue. I've just tested a bunch and uploaded. Same links as before. But yeah the player spawned into the ground despite the code telling him to spawn -32p above the check point which is players' height on ground.

    I still don't get why it's not happening to everyone. But this new build should fix it, I'll test it on my mac too. I could only get it to happen in the forest as well. I go into the store and then fall into the water right afterwards and he would respawn into the ground.


    I just killed myself 10 times on the mac and it didn't happen so hopefully it's gone now!

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  • It seems to be if the cpu is 32-bit or 64-bit. My old core 2 duo is a 32 bit machine. My mac is a core 2 duo 64-bit and I was running the game in boot camp and it was fairly smooth. The specs are low GF9800m GT and I think it's a tad underclocked because it's old and getting over heating issues. The one thing I noticed on the older machines is when it does the garbage clean up it will stutter for a second and sometimes even pause for a few milliseconds and then continue along smoothly.

    My Mac OS is outdated though so I can't run the actual mac version anymore, it starts to load and then craps out.

  • Nice job. Its working. I've died 25 + times and no problems.

  • TunaUppercut I hope you were dying on purpose XD LOL!! Have fun and let me know if anything else has issues! Thanks for testing too!!

  • damainman

    The only difference between 32 bit and 64 bit for gaming is extra memory address space, and would really only come into effect if your game actually uses more than 3GB of system ram. Does it??

    I played it a lot today on my main work rig, i5-3770K stock, Radeon R290. Runs like a charm, did not notice any bugs.

    Would you like some gameplay feedback too or just technical?

  • Shouldn't use than 4gb of ram I think It uses about 500mb tops. Glad it runs well on the i5, thats what one of my rigs is. We're only looking for technical feedback but thanks

    The Mac I ran it on has lower specs, especially the video card but it's a 64-bit machine, over the 32-bit which has more/better everything. So there has to be something to it.

  • There's the main thread regarding problems with NodeWebkit, and so far there seems to be no common hardware. Even people with top of the line machines run into major freeze bugs etc.

    I got lucky with my own games without issue so far. :/

  • Yeah, I haven't had freeze bugs yet either. I've completed a few games for clients and aside of this one we have a few other engines half finished and not once have we had a freeze bug that I'm aware of.

    The only thing I've seen was on the lower end machines Node Webkits garbage clean up. When it's about to do it, it stutters and then freezes for a split second. But the last C2 build (r178), that node webkit actually killed the frame rate of the game. At least I hope it was Node Webkit.

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