Insanity's Blade Green Lit! Final Release Dec 1st on Steam

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    Hope you all have a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • I am so happy to see this game where it needs to be. Now I hope it sells a million copies and you get what you deserve. Congrats!

  • Windwalker Thanks! Well we're on sale this week for 15% off!

  • For anyone interested, Insanity's Blade is on sale on Steam this week with a 25% off discount! Check it out at <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

    Or, watch the trailer here:

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  • Catching your Steam sales stats at the wrong time can be spooky!

    In seriousness though, we are happy that Insanity's Blade is still doing well on Steam, it's a big market of games out there!

  • Over the holidays I revisited Insanity's Blade and gave bits of it an overhaul. Previously we had been doing minor updates, I started tweaking the controls etc at the start of December. Started fixing up some stage gfx I wasn't quite happy with and realized the camera was just way too jarring in some spots. So I ended up completely re programming the camera fro single player. Here is the list:

    -All new smooth single player camera

    -Thurstan can now attack from ladders, vines, poles etc.

    -Thurstan has faster attack speeds

    -Attacks from the wall are much easier to pull off

    -Speed through intro and outro text with punch/jump or just skip it with start!

    -Fixed graphics on several levels (Church Stage platforms are now completed!)

    -Icon for store daggers updated to show proper number (game originally had 6 but was cut to 5 and the icon wasn't changed :O)

    -No more back tracking! When you go to receive a quest the game will automatically go to the stage you need to go to and skip the hidden wall sections completely

    -Added the Plague Doctor enemy back into the Plague City stage

    -Several enemy AI bugs fixed

    -Grab issues for some enemies fixed (note that tree men are not meant to be picked up - some things really are too heavy for Thurstan!)

    -Falling platforms in forest stage reprogrammed and are disabled for co-op

    -Special Weapon and Quest Item pick up is now automatic when you walk over them

    -Tighter analog stick response

    -Grab animation plays when holding weapon now - grab distance increased as well

    -Many other little things have changed here and there, like map font colors, the selection cursor for the map screen and the dialog box graphics

    The camera alone made the game way more playable, and shooting from ladders gave you a huge new advantage. We took out back tracking because people weren't reading the quests and completely getting stuck.

    Anyhow if anyone here was playing it, it's worth playing again now. It's almost like a new game

    Back to the grind with me! Cya! <3 <3

  • We took out back tracking because people weren't reading the quests and completely getting stuck.

    I love it that we as gamedevs take so much care with our text and story etc and gamers "whatever blah blah skip"...

  • Well the next game doesn't have quests but it has lots of text and dialog. It wont matter if they skip it, it just takes away from the overall experience. Their loss. 7/10 "This game lacked any sort of story" - Noob. Meanwhile they skipped everything XD. We have an achievement in IB For people who actually a) Skip the cutscenes and b) skip the tutorial. You can then check the profiles of the people on Steam who left reviews and complained against their achievements Most skip the instructions and then don't know there is a grab button...

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