Insanity's Blade Green Lit! Final Release Dec 1st on Steam

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  • mapmerry I'm glad you didn't let the pixel art ruin the experience for you! Thanks!

    Although that bug should no longer exist, something has caused a mirroring bug to resurface - I've just put a fail safe in place for both players. If Slide > 0 the do not mirror! Thanks for catching that!!

    We've gone back and forth on what the holes can and cannot do. I will be making a couple of the jumps over pits smaller but they will always be auto death.

    I made it easy to jump the pits on the slide except for the last one where I extended the pit sizes. You can speed up by pressing right or slow down by pressing left. On the first two slopes you can press right and not even have to jump, you go to fast for gravity to pull you in! That's always been there! We had an enemy that attacked you while you were sliding... basically killed you just as you hit the bottom of the slopes every time. He's gone :)

  • Hey guys,

    The game is looking fantastic, and I love the new graphics. They make things look sharper, whilst maintaining that retro feel!

    Nice work, can't wait to see the finished product :)

  • Blacksmith Thanks!! We're trying our best to give the game an authentic retro feel and we can't wait to get the final game to you! We hope you enjoy it!

    As far away as the release date is, for some reason it feels like we only have until next week to complete it... Time flies (when you're mostly having fun!)

  • But yeah as far as the Kickstarter goes - it was a private back vote. Majority won. In fact no one said no. The only request was to have an alternate unlockable mode to have the original 8-bit graphics. Which we will have :)

    Okay, please kindly disregard my criticism then! <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Played the latest demo and it's definitely a cool new look. Seems like some old obscure arcade game now, hehe. Looking forward to the finished game!

  • PixelRebirth Haha! I never really saw it as criticism rather than a concern! And if I had have just gone ahead without warning people it would have been a very legitimate concern!! So no worries!

    There are so many things I think of to do for the graphics that are there already (aside of some obvious boss tweaks) I've just added the new enemy death and since we had to pull the demo down for a quick fix the new version that will either go up tonight or tomorrow will have the new enemy death in it as well as a few more bug fixes.

    I'm glad you're still enjoying it!

  • I just noticed you don't seem to have any freezing problems with node-webkit. My game freezes every now and then for few seconds, so I was thinking are you using native node-webkit or the old third party plugin.

    By the way stage 2 boss is insane <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> I mean that cave boss.

  • Katala I actually have the freezing issue on my older pc,a 3-4 year old i5. My laptop which is an i7 has no freezing issues. I just assumed it was because I was testing it from a USB card. But out of my 5 pcs I can test on, only that one (my i5 gaming rig) has that issue. It's also the only one running an ATI card so who knows...

    And thanks! I still have to remove some of the color from him and make him look a little less hand drawn if it's the spinning eye guy you're talking about!

  • Ok thanks I have i5-3570K but I have GeForce. Even very basic Node-webkit games I export does this. Also some games other people made does this or at least VIKTOR and not sure if Insanity's Blade did that before but now I played until that stage 2 boss and didn't notice anything. Well maybe I could make bug report.

    Yes that is the same guy, but I mostly ment he is very hard <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> could't make any damage and he killed me with one laser hit.

  • Katala for that boss you can only hit him in the eye when it is not spinning or shooting the laser. He has a pattern. Rest - spin 3 times - rest - spit skeletons - rest (his eye gets slow here, just go to the opposite spot of where he's looking) - then laser, and repeat cycle. You do more damage when you punch the eye as well!

    You can hit his eye when he's spitting the skeletons as well. Hope that helps!

  • Well, we just got approved as Nintendo devs! We're off to the races! We also have 4 more stages all close to completion. We'll post some vids and pics soon. For now I tossed a couple up on our steam page of you want to see.

    The game will be coming out on Wii U as well as the GoGoMaddi game which is going to be renamed (because I saw there was a porn game called GoGoNippon :S and I don't want a game about my daughter associated with that.)

    for now some pics are here:

  • Chris and I were interviewed by Nintendo Life

    Check out the interview here:

    Some images from the interview:

  • That's so exciting you guys are putting this on the Wii U!

    I've been following the game for a while and finally had a chance to play it recently, and I'm so impressed with what you've been able to do!

    It really captures the feel of being an older, early 16 bit style game, with a challenging, yet fair difficulty.

    I wish that when I jumped off the walls that I would be able to do a more powerful attack since the main character looks like he's ready to stab someone through the skull!

    I also wish I could see more when I'm sliding down through the forest on the back of the skeleton, since right now I'm at the very bottom of the screen and can only see about 20 pixels in front of me, so even while moving slowly I don't feel like I have enough time to dodge. It's such a fun idea though, and I remember it from the trailer way back when I saw the game on Kotaku!

    Anyway, this game has definitely been an inspiration for me and I can't wait to play it on my home console.

  • Icarus Thanks for the kind words! We're putting our all into this little game! We don't want to disappoint the fans of the old school era!

    There is a wall jump attack - it just hasn't been coded into the game yet. There are still a few things that aren't coded as far as controls/moves go. So you should be pleasantly surprised with some of our upcoming video updates!

    The sliding thing isn't so much about what you can see but it's more about jamming the jump button when you see/here the exclamation onscreen. Also pressing forward or back controls the speed of your jump on slopes. The holes on the first 2 slopes of stage 2 don't even need you to jump if you are pressing forward (right) as you are going fast enough to fly over them. Only on the last slope you need to jump. When you hear the beep, cram the jump button and press forward!

    I'm glad you find the game inspirational - that means a lot!! The Wii U version will be out a little later than the PC versions but will be worth the wait!

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  • Wow, I can't wait for the wall jump attack! That's literally one of the most manly animations I've ever seen in a video game when you jump off of the wall, so I'm sure you won't disappoint.

    Thanks for the tips on the sliding, ironically that's basically what I did to pass the section in the first place.

    It's still bad ass regardless of how the mechanic works!

  • Well, we just got approved as Nintendo devs!

    I was just approved as a Nintendo dev myself so Congratulations!!!

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