Insanity's Blade Green Lit! Final Release Dec 1st on Steam

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  • damainman Oh! I didn't check my inbox yet, let me read. Sorry for late.

  • Joannesalfa No problem and thanks for all the help!!

    A new polished demo release is sneaking up on us! Lots of tweaking has been done. Graphics added or redrawn. And a new main attack! Frame rate is a steady 60fps. New special effects... argh!!!!!

    Stay tuned!!!

  • Please welcome aboard our musician/newest member of team IB, Nj�l Pettersen!! Nj�l, is a musician from Norway who has been working on perfecting his NES styled music in Famitracker for the past 4 years. His love of music shines through in the tracks he's already given us.

    He's already blown our minds by not only giving us the first stage music of the game within a day, but totally hitting the nail on the head as well!!

    So here is a little sample of the new stage 1 with the new moves in place(ripping zombies apart over head, and arm removal for weapon) new fx, updated player gfx... etc etc etc. And also the new game track.

    Pardon the delay in the video as I haven't had time to install the new beta of CC. It causes a huge jump in the game when recording with fraps as is :(


  • music sounds great. animation for ripping the zombies apart is awesome. and i really like how you can beat the enemies by ripping off one of the monster's arms. Great job

  • Just wanted to say that Nj�l Pettersen definitely does wonders to that stage, welcome to the team and looking forward to seeing what you make next! <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • NotionGames Thanks!! I think I want to do a different swing animation for the arm bit but I'm happy with the rest.

    I've already added more stuff. Screaming villagers, and some new sounds...


    Sounds like dying hurts...

  • nice scream lol and i dig the animation that goes along with it

  • NotionGames Ha thanks! I think the scream hits the nail on the head LOL!


    Game attact/intro finished except for text

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" /><img src="" border="0" />

    Stage 1 demo to be released shortly. Along with webpage, Kickstarter and possibly Steam Green light!

    Also updated front page along with adding links!


  • Rescuing this thread from its undeserved burial in the older pages.

    Dude, your pixel art is flippin amazing! I'm still trying to emulate it.

    Fantastic edits to the game; previously I was quite reluctant to point out that I found the game a little dry, but now that there's the whole arm-plucking business and later on the dwarf as well, I figure this game is going to be really fantastic.

    As always...keep it up!!

  • Nixel Haha! Thanks :) Yeah, things get buried quickly around here now. The other game I started is long gone. The original demo was very dry. But it was a beta. The store additions and the dwarf were supposed to spice things up a bit. But after I had play tested stage 1 a million times, I realized it was nothing like the comic. The character is hands on ripping and tearing things.

    Now, every so many levels he will do something new. In the comic he puts he whole arm through the zombies and guts them, punt kicks heads... tons of stuff. I'll try to work some more of the violence into the game!

    I've been adding my own music to the game, we've missed the original deadline of Nov 1st as it's fallen on me to get the rest of the demo music done. The Musician who was working on it before did the title/intro music and the stage music. But the GameOver music and the boss music wasn't done. I've already done the boss music so now I just have to do game over and I might do one other little thing.

    On that note. Website, Demo and Kickstarter will be (hopefully) launching Nov 15th.


  • damainman Your game is looking great. I'm really liking your death animation. Can I ask how you are getting that nice arc when he flies back? I'm trying to simulate the knockback and bounce from the Street Fighter games and you seem to be way more successful than I am.

  • sman118 Timers in events, and x/y vector movement. I disable the controls, if player is facing right then x vector -1500 and that knocks him back with a timer 0.3s before allowing controls again.

    For the death hit, there's a bit more to it (this only contains knockback, not slow motion, blood etc.)This code is if player hp <=0 then (set animation blah blah blah).

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Hope that helps!


  • damainman Thanks! Turns out the deceleration was what was causing my problem. Your code was a big help. Good luck on the Kickstarter and Greenlight.

  • sman118 No problem at all :) And thanks for the support!!

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  • Man, can't believe the progress you made on this. Looking lovely.

    You got a release date for this yet? (soz if I missed that post.. just browsing.. ;) )

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