Your C2 tests

  • Very cool! Your tunes are great�I haven't even started wrapping my brain around music composition.



  • Playing around with dynamic lights:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Method that one of forum members already used. Each light source spawns many sprites that look like flashlight beams. They are rotated at given angle and pinned to light source. Ray becomes invisible when it collides with an obstacle.

    How it is generated:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    example of light with 8 rays and 4 steps. Number of casted rays and light steps can be changed. Different colours are achieved by using different images as frames, because using tint causes framerate drop.

    I don't think that it can be used in game, as it extremely inefficient. using higher numbers for rays and steps causes better results, but it causes spawning tens thousands of sprites. On i7 machine with 4GB ram using only few sources on screen and about 40 in level, with 40 rays and 5 steps (200 sprites) per light is possible maximum, I think.

    I tried not to use steps, but change ray sprite height when it collides with obstacle. It alows to reduce number of spawned objects, but causes strange results (sprite height is set to distnce between light source and obstacle, and in acts strange when light ray collides with many obstacles; it also looks worse)

    I thought of using single sprite per light and masking it with shasow object casted by obstacles, but I can't imagine how could multiple light sources interfere then. I think that last method could be some solution and maybe someone smarter can figure it out.

  • true

  • Hi all!

    I've been developing a videogame with Construct2 and I just made it accesible to everyone as a beta testing demo.

    The url is this:

    It's not mandatory to login to facebook since it's only for sharing stuff on facebook.

    There's a story mode with 7 stages, a Missions mode with 10 missions available and a Massacre mode which should be infinite, but till the moment there are only 4 waves of enemies.

    Could you give me your feedback please? =)

    I just need to replace some graphics and include more content in the game.

    I actually don't know what to do with the game... I don't know whether to include it in game portals or keep it as an Facebook game and make an android an iPhone version or I dunno...

    Thanks! =)

  • SabinX

    I'll check it out today. Looking forward to it :)



  • Great job man,

    I think graphics and sound are perfect for the ambientation just a thing I don't like at all, I thimk 1st stage bacground it�s too withe (white background, white bunnies...)

    Anyway it's a great game <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    PD itg be great if any of you can get an eye on my 1st construct game and gives me some feedback (I'm not obbjetive with my own creation ) <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Here you have the url:

  • Thanks feresfer for your feedback =)

    I just saw your game and I had fun with it.


    • It has many good items that do different stuff.
    • It gets harder as you complete the levels
    • It's just fun to hit balloons, avoiding them and getting items.


    • About the music, I hated that repetetive and annoying bg music xD
    • In the begining I didn't understand how to play it, since I don't read instructions and I was just hit by the ball everytime.
    • Only seeing red balloons it's a little boring.
    • I didn't feel I was progressing in the game... I passed 3 levels but I still was stuck in the same beach.

    This is less of a game and more of a demo of some sort.

  • An early doodle jump like game.... Doodle Jump - Alien JUMP

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  • My Ping Pong Game...... Ping Pong

  • Hi guys I'm looking for job here is a littel demo to show some of my skills please if you are interested let me know. thank you

  • hi !

    I'm a graphic designer and this is my first try on C2 (one day of work):

    It's a custom version of the first tutorial, with additionals features:

    • new graphics > i've made them quickly, it's just a test ;)
    • no infinite ammunition > monsters drop bullets.
    • a boss spawn after 5 kills > You have to kill the boss to beat the game.
    • a more realistic control of the player > i need your opinions on that point.

    (sorry for my english^^)

  • hey guys,

    i'm STILL working on my point 'n click adventure engine in construct 2...

    i started from scratch again and got the basics down now :D

    Click here for the TESTVERSION

    the graphics are pretty awesome because i'm working on this thing the whole time during my breaks at work <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    the events are getting pretty complicated but i got it all worked out now... regular expressions, arrays, functions... i use them all and without the new debugging features this would be impossible to do

    <img src="" border="0">

    bascally regex allowed me to match two objects no matter in which order they were picked before and functions allow me to shorten my events ALOT as you can see on the screenshot.

    instead of having a few lines with push actions i just have one line with all the stuff for that event... perfect :D

    you can pick up object in the demo by touching them with the player (i'll add the ingame interface to choose actions later)

    after that you can examine, combine and use the objects in the inventory (move cursor to the top left onto the box of stuff)

    to "complete" the test:

    1. pick up the bubblegum on screen one and walk into the blue area to change the room (you can't go back yet cause im lazy)

    2. pick up the timer on screen two

    3. combine the timer with the bubblegum to receive a timebomb

    4. use bomb on security door

    5. ????

    6. three two one... the end...

    i didn't get any further yet so there's no dialog system etc. so far.

  • here is mine! =)

  • Hi everyone,

    This is my very first game ever.

    I would love to hear any feedback. Please feel free to send me a message.

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