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  • TELLES0808

    You might want to make the text appear offset to the main position so your finger isnt blocking the words like jac said.

    other than that i love the pixel art and it runs smooth.

    I actually want to see where you are going with this game it looks interesting

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  • I made a fluid simulation:

    So, when two molecules are too close, they repel away.

    When they are a little bit further out, they attract (this is to simulate surface tension).

    They also repel away from the walls.

    Left click to make more molecules, right click to make a box.

    The cool part of this is that it obeys the laws of density and such. Make the box more dense and it will sink into the fluid, make it lighter and it will float on top.

    I wanted to make a second fluid to see how the two would interact, but it was a bit too hard (that's what the red dot was intended to be).

    You'll also notice that the who thing is insanely laggy. This is because there are around 50+ molecules that have physics enabled and are repelling and attracting each other. This is an issue I'm working on.

    Thanks for feedback!

  • <img src="" border="0">

    "When I was on a Zombie Apocalypse" was updated.

    • On this release was implemented 40% of the action system with provisory art to the menus, according to my workflow;

    This release is specific for Computers, please, feel free to give feedbacks and talk what you liked or hated, also, what do you think about the original system of menus.

  • This is a demo-test level of my first game. I need your reviews about the game to improve gameplay. Thanks!

    Scirra Arcade >>>

    <img src="" border="0">

  • Zaksoid looks awesome..need to playtest that...

  • Just released the Alpha Demo for my game, Corporate Misfit, a 2D platformer where players are encouraged to keep up their speed in order to use special abilities.

    It's an idea I've been playing around with for months now and would like some opinions how fun it is to play or how I could further expand upon it. Hope you guys like it!

    Link to game: Corporate Misfit (Alpha Demo)

  • Working on my first game ever and started with construct 2 a couple of weeks ago. Trying to create some sort of platform shooter. Still a million things to do and improve... :)

    Hope you like it so far.

  • I am working in a game: Zurvive, is a turn based game + real time attacks (all retro style), where humans have to survive a zombie breakout, each game/mission (will be generated) consists in bringing at least one human unit to the target (shopping center, garage, etc.) and keep them alive for at least X turns so they can claim a safe area between their camp and their target. For this, the humans have to gather resources and build walls, etc...

    You can have a look in the following link, this is how's looking so far...:

    At the moment only have been implemented a really basic turn mechanic, spawn of zombies, and some movement...


    Click to deploy units (3 units to place on the map)

    Left click in the unit to move, range of movement will be highlighted. Right Click to move it.

    To see the mechanic of the attacks, see the video:

    I will update really often now as I have decided to do a prototype in Construct 2, before I was developing it with XNA but I had to stop it, and try to do something more achievable timewise.

    If you have any comment or idea, just let me know!

    P.S: The graphics will be changed in the future to something nicer.

  • Hey guys, I've completed the first level of a platform shooter called Little Green Soldier.

    The gimmick of the game is absorbing enemy projectiles (hold X)and firing it back at them (press C).

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">


    Excuse some of the bugs:

    • the sounds and music may not load properly (and I added the preload action already!)
    • the controls tutorial at the top of the screen can get buggy (I suggest doing everything it says before you face the first enemy)
    • sometimes the Bot enemies shoot two fireballs at once (don't absorb, just crouch!)

    This first stage only features heat energy (from the fireballs and bombs) but I'm including more types in future levels (electric, kinetic, light, elastic, gravitational, nuclear etc).

  • Developing "Commando" game, where you have to take down enemy radars placing bombs on these (be close to the radar and click on it).


  • Developing "Commando" game, where you have to take down enemy radars placing bombs on these (be close to the radar and click on it).


    wow impressive! no capx? :(

    this could be the base for a 2D Counter Strike!

  • This is my new platform test hope it is gd .

  • Hi:

    Here is the very playable (but still a few bugs) first level, including the "boss stage", of my little platformer which has become a complete time-suck for me:

    This is my first attempt at developing a game and I've spent about six-weeks�and countless hours�building it; tweaking; expanding. Sigh. I've tried like hell to make it conform for submission in the Scirra Arcade but to no avail, it is via DropBox.

    It's based on my wife and I's dog, Bella, and all the things in the world she hates...especially lamps.

    It's optimized for the Chrome/Firefox desktop browsers, but playable via mobile on Safari (especially with an iPad). However, I just realized I neglected to include the touch control layer, etc. for the boss-stage on this export.



  • Very cool! Your tunes are great�I haven't even started wrapping my brain around music composition.



  • Playing around with dynamic lights:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Method that one of forum members already used. Each light source spawns many sprites that look like flashlight beams. They are rotated at given angle and pinned to light source. Ray becomes invisible when it collides with an obstacle.

    How it is generated:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    example of light with 8 rays and 4 steps. Number of casted rays and light steps can be changed. Different colours are achieved by using different images as frames, because using tint causes framerate drop.

    I don't think that it can be used in game, as it extremely inefficient. using higher numbers for rays and steps causes better results, but it causes spawning tens thousands of sprites. On i7 machine with 4GB ram using only few sources on screen and about 40 in level, with 40 rays and 5 steps (200 sprites) per light is possible maximum, I think.

    I tried not to use steps, but change ray sprite height when it collides with obstacle. It alows to reduce number of spawned objects, but causes strange results (sprite height is set to distnce between light source and obstacle, and in acts strange when light ray collides with many obstacles; it also looks worse)

    I thought of using single sprite per light and masking it with shasow object casted by obstacles, but I can't imagine how could multiple light sources interfere then. I think that last method could be some solution and maybe someone smarter can figure it out.

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