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  • CleverName81, Winged Doom is a sole pixel-artist from Russia, here is the link where you can find his concept art and animations for his opus magnus:

    When he told me he made animated trailer with only Photoshop, I was shocked and amazed.

    I am fond of his visual style, so I've decided to perform some excersises on his art while the whole Stealer game is still in a concept stage. I wish him to find a good programmer to realise all his ideas to life, thus Construct 2 definitely is the best tool for prototyping the look and gameplay on its early phase.

  • unclejunkie

    thanks for introducing me to his stuff. it's pretty incredible.


    Hey guys, im starting on my first game in construct 2. Im keeping it quite simplistic with the pixel art but hope to improve the animations to still show detail.

    it will be a side scroller where the player will be able to return to previous zones to find loot, supplies etc.

    It will be based on a hobo surviving a zombie wasteland, collecting items and gear to help him prevail! I am currently just working out some ideas and trying to get the basics running smoothly before continuing.

    Any ideas or improvements will be helpful, thank you.

  • small physics shooter concept i'm working on:

    infinite wave towerdefense :

  • small physics shooter concept i'm working on:

    infinite wave towerdefense :

    Nice mini games :)

    Finished the X3 one, the 3rd level made me try several times ;)

    Tinydefense, being a huge fan of TD games, the lack of options made me stop fast, but I still got Score 9 :p

  • Interactive fishies. Arrow keys to move. Need to fix the vertical flipping issue..

  • "When I was on a Zombie Apocalypse" is a game where you'll need to survive for 32 days, dealing with a group of survivors.

    Work In Progress.

    Still needing a lot of things, but I finished the basic.

  • I like the graphic style of the characters...especially the guy flipping the coin...

  • Hi guys, i'm new to C2 and i must say i'm totally impressed and likely going to buy it. After completing the top-down shooter and platformer tutorials, i made this little space shooter as an exercise. It is incomplete however, as i reached 100 events, despite doing my best to use as few as possible.

    I'd like to have feedback on the "code" since this is the right time to adopt good habits and filter out the bad ones. With unlimited events i would do things a bit differently to keep the whole thing clean and organized.

    Move with WASD or arrow keys, left click to shoot. Most power ups have a small effect while available (gray) and are much better once enabled (green). Many have the opposite effect when damaged (red).


    capx (r132):

  • *Removed* Will upload again soon

    Whatsup Everyone!

    Im excited to say i have a test build that i want to place out on the community,Its nothing special at the moment i just need some feedback on the Movement,I was also thinking about Hand placing my tiles since My array skills are wretched.I just need feedback from the community guys let me know what you think Good or Bad.Thanks everyone

    controls for now

    arrows to move

    W = Punch

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  • RookieDev looks cool,nice graphics, are they your own work? like the character and animation...

    feels solid too..well done so far...keep it up...

  • Koolville Chapter 1

    Whatsup Everyone!

    Im excited to say i have a test build that i want to place out on the community,Its nothing special at the moment i just need some feedback on the Movement...

    RookieDev Looking good so far - some feedback from another newbie;

    Animation looks good but you might want to either speed up the walking animation to match the movement speed, or slow the speed just so they match and look more natural.

    The punch animation is a bit quick to see, again, maybe slow it down or add more frames or pause it on the last frame for a moment? (I think you can do that)

    It needs some blocking sprites on each side to stop you wandering off screen. I put mine just off the viewable window so you can't see them.

  • pixel perfick Zantium

    Thank you Guys!

    It means alot that you guys are the first to comment and test my game,I want to let you know that all the feedback im recieving is being taken in and observed,written down and observed again.Thank you,I will definitly change alot of whats going on with the animations,I know that is just alittle tweaking,I will have more progress to show weekly for everyone thats intrested also i will need testers to help me break the game.When it comes to the art i pay 2 artist by the names of Richard Mallory and Igor Rodrigo.I owe them for the amazing graphics.I want to thank you guys once more for testing this,I know its not much right now but it will be more than something soon.I will keep you updated guys.

  • I'm testing the new Dialog System for "When I was on a Zombie Apocalypse"

    link removed...

    It's for touch devices, also for Windows, so, please, feel free to give feedbacks about how to improve it, plus if you liked the way I did it (to make it original) or not.

    Thank you!


  • Very interesting style of pixel art, the language barrier is a small issue to testing, but that's my problem :D

    My only concern right now is that for a touch system the user will be hiding the text with their fingers, perhaps a delay, or moving the text to one side?

    Good luck! I'd love to see it more complete :D

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