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  • Hi, just made a little capx file to test the performance since the project I'm making has got a lot of moving objects. If you could run it on your machines and post rough number of objects you can run until fps falls to around 57 and post your specs that would be great.

  • Can you post a browser version please? Thanks.

  • I was on several projects for friends who don't speak english ^^

    but saved a time to update Equilibrium.

    This still with only a sandbox, where you can play around.

    Now it support mouse and keyboard, but my plan is make it universal, with touch and gamepad too.

    It's missing the fighting animations for the mouse commands because I'm figuring out how it would work for the best performance.

    So, it can be done by several ways, but clicking on the enemy to release a fighting animation is pretty good, and maybe help in a lot of issues. Figure it out, when you click on the enemy, but far from him, the player will shot, else, he will perform a sword or punch or kick animation ^^

    Next month I'll finish the artwork of the first stage and improve the menu with cartoon pixel art planets, to meet the game style, and later, the intro animation and the moon animation too.

    Hope you liked how it's going.


    Game I started working on to experiment a bit. Far from finished, but the beginning is there.

  • Wow, this forum topic has been going on for quite some time now. I just started with Construct 2, and it is Awesomo!

    I have a little test project going, a side scroll platformer. I have started with the character animations since I am primarily an artist. I have the idle and run animations, with no transitions just yet, but I thought I would throw it out there for all to see.

    <font size="3">Project Tundra:</font>

    Thanks in advance for checking it out!

  • Mike -- Liking your illustration skills! Maybe do a devlog and update as development progresses. I didn't get the run animation in the above test, just the idle animation sliding from siding to side.

  • Thanks

    You must have been using the Arrow keys rather that the WASD keys (my test was set up for WASD). I am guessing alot of people will do that, so I updated the test to work with both control schemes.

    If you test it you may need to clear your cache (do the quick ctrl+F5).

    Is there a place on the scirra site to make a devlog?

    Here's the link again:

  • malaska That looks good!!

  • Damn, that's exactly what I was doing, but I'm getting a 404 page now.

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  • Now I feel like I'm hogging the Forum topic!

    Looks like my link had some space characters in it or something. Seems to be working now.

  • malaska You might want to make the jump a little less awkward when you don't hold space. I think you can do this by adding more jump strength and more gravity.

    EDIT: He could also use some jump and land animations!

  • Hey guys... i didn't post something new in a while so i thought i'd post a little test:

    It's the beginning of a little textadventure engine but there isn't that much to do yet...

    Be sure to click on it once to go fullscreen and have webGL enabled...

    Also turn your speakers up :D

  • I got stuck at putting the key in my pocket.

  • I wanted to make an Ocean with waves and a Palm tree that was swaying in the breeze with the Shadow that was in Sync with the tree.

    Here is what I came up with using the WebGL Shader and Sine Behavior.

    Enjoy! May spark some Ideas. -TJ

  • "Solution"

    take key

    unlock door with key

    open door

    done :P

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