Your C2 tests

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  • NugMan: That's awesome - Very smooth animation/control. I like the pixel art too.

  • Puck, your game looks good, but on latest Chrome and a quite good computer, I do only have 3-6 fps. Not enough to play it more than 1 minute :)

  • To whom it may concern.

    C2 Rocks.

    I began less than a month ago, working on my game whenever I have "free" time.

    I have two wonderful gamer daughters who are helping me out with ideas.

    I am reading the well-written manual, following the fantastic tutorials, creating the "music", producing the "artwork", etc...

    Anyway, here is what I have done so far.

    Space-bar to shoot.

    You can move with the arrow keys.

    Find the "dear looking thingy" so you can push some blocks that look like other blocks but they can only be moved once you catch the "dear looking thingy".

    You can also lift the blocks when you have the "dear looking thingy"

    Once you catch the "dear looking thingy", you can let him go by right-clicking the small version of him that is now pinned to your player.

    I am having some difficulties, but I am over-coming most of them and when it is taking too long, I just say "later" and make it do something else.

    For example, I have no idea how to make a pushed block stay on a moving platform so I made it do something else.

    Enough typing for now.

    Please critique.

  • My rendition of Ashley's tutorial, with a couple of extra actions.

    Downloading this program caused nearly everything else in my life to go to poo from neglect. I should have designed a game for balancing delicately stacked dished. For the first week I couldn't pull away from the program. Very addicting! Now back to the housework before the roaches move in.

  • ParCutz Nice job! I really like your game art, and your music fits the whole game very nicely. Did you make the music yourself?

    One problem I found was there are a few places that I got trapped, and had to restart the game to get out. I would suggest testing it well, find all the places that you get stuck, and make something that will move your player to a checkpoint or something when this happens. Other than that good job, keep it up :)

    Val Nice job also! Great graphics, keep up the good work :)

    You guys should start your own thread's for your games. I think they would get more attention that way instead of getting lost in this thread.

  • Thanks Wink for the compliment as well as the constructive feed-back.

    The ladders are the biggest culprit.

    Yes, I did create the music myself.

    I was messing around with some pretty cool software and that is what came from it.

    I was going to start my own thread, but I do not want to jump in the deep end just yet.

    I am enjoying my every frustrating moment with C2.

    It is bringing me back to the time I was "programming" games on my Commodore 64.

    Good times.

    Thanks again.

  • Thank you so much wink! I'm new to the forums so I'm not yet familiar with the protocols for starting new threads. Thanks again for your kudos.

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  • Here's a game I am working on called Defender.

    It's an action game inspired from Wizards and Warriors and Act Raiser.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • ParCutz

    Ooh I like your game! I have a soft spot for weird platformers! The music is freaky; I think it's the best part. Have you continued work on it?

  • Thanks midnight.

    I enjoyed playing your demo.

    The wormy looking beasts are cool.

    I like the leaves falling.

    Keep up the good work.

    I need to add some neat touches to mine as well.

    I have done some more work on my game.

    Mostly the art and tackling the player + ladder = stuck thing.

    I have not added any of the new blocks yet but I did update the player as well as the witch.

    NEW UPDATE - July 7/27/2012

    The Grae Mezzanine

    Have fun today!!!


  • Thanks for the feedback! Good work, loving this game haha. The character should move a little faster. I wasn't always able to jump when on the moving platform.

  • Yesterday was my first day working with this amazing piece of software. Though I was unfamiliar to everything and when used to programming I often made things more complicated than they needed to be because I didn't understand the capability of this clever system.

    Though I managed to put together something of an "ant simulator". Ants find their way to food by following pheromone trails made by other ants. And this is what I've tried to simulate here:

    You spawn ants by clicking the left mouse button. Make sure to spawn quite many ants for it to work correctly.

  • Well, hello boys.

    I?m working on a platformer.

    For now, I?m only making movements, situations, checkin respawn system, creating animations... and finally I will create the level, so, for now, it?s only a little sandbox with various different options and situations.

    The only needed controls arte the cursors (left/right/up on floor + left/right/up/down on water (for now)).

    I?ve planned to add lot of extra animations (swimming, jumping, crouching...) but for now, this is what I have.


    I think the build it?s broken on Chrome (at least in mine xD), if so, try it on Firefox :)

    PD: Sorry for my (bad) English

    UPDATE: Gotta erase the temporal link for the game cuz I?m going to build a little blog as a developer diary. You will have news "soon" :).

  • It worked fine for me on Chrome. Great work.

  • Pewww, many work to do for simple 2D games xD

    Right now I'm learning how to storage and load data to make a save system.

    Also, I'm planning to make some improvements on my game, like mining to earn gold, stairs, etc.

    You can check how it's going here:

    I believe the enemies won't get working before November, because it's a hobby, so my time is very short to spend doing games, and design something nice to fight against will be a huge work =(

    The critters and some small monsters with basic AIs are coming alive around 10 of August.

    The game will use an old inspiration, a RPG game called Equilibrium, where I did the end of the World and how a guy finished up saving the humanity and restoring the Earth with a new whole ecosystem. =P

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