Your C2 tests

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  • wow soo cool cant wait for finished product

  • heres one of my lil tests

    Platform Test

    So far I can tell its a pain in the ass to work with tiles in c2 lol

  • aridale

    I liked the mechanic! And I agree with you, C2 needs image editor tools.

  • Getting used to Scirra Construct :D This I followed some tutorials and threw together. Obviously not the graphics I will use, and I had to remake the character in the tutorial since it wasn't given and so on so forth.

    My aim to remake something similar to Realm of the Mad God, and make it much... much... better lol


    Left Click = Sword

    Right Click = Fireball

    I = Inventory

  • Here a platform pixel art videogame, "Unlucky gnome":

    Test it! Enjoy it! And leave a comment ;)

    Here our post in the forum:

  • I made this yesterday in about 2 hours (from Art to programming)

    It's not much but I wanted to come up with ANYTHING that looked finished.

    I also have this one as the first test I made with C2

  • dude your a BEAST with graphics

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  • Tactics

    move the plane to pick up your solider's

    drop the solider on the air field so that they can take out the SAMs

    watch out for the SAM's, make sure your plane dont touch them

    you can only pick up one guy at a time

    after a set amount of time the enemy will launch a nuke so go get em!

    id really like to develop this idea further so if anybody would like to get involved just get in touch


  • Now working on characters' sprites for my zombie survival game. Just started.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    But I have no cash to buy Construct 2 (poor, poor me). At least I'll try to roll-out playable prototype.

  • I recently played pushover again and thought i'd make something similiar with real physics :D

    CLICK HERE to play

    You can pick up the tiles and push them from the left or right side (a bit tricky atm.), just move your cursor around them and you'll see how it changes... <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Hi, folks.

    I?ve decided to show my first prototype because I?m working alone and almost nobody in the my nearest circle doesn?t understand what I?m trying to do. Even worse - the only man who understands (my friend-programmer) is saying that choosing C2 for this project is like trying to kill somebody with a toy gun ? possible but very perverted. :) Maybe he?s right a little. But I urgently need a support from the C2 community ? not only things like ?Wow, dude, how did you do all this cool stuff??, but some healthy critics too. So I?ll be very pleased with any response.

    Well, let?s start.


    <img src="" border="0">

    This is Ecodigger Engine prototype. It?s not a game yet, even not a complete engine for it, but already a solid framework for its further development.

    Tiles represents various soil types ? wet and dry soil and sand, rich (fertilized) soil, water and rock. Despite this is not a final sprites' version I need to know ? can you discern various soil types one from another intuitively, without the hints? Or not?

    Engine has three basic modes: Level Editor, Physix and Debug.

    A. In the Editor mode you can delete (left mouse click) or change (right click) tiles. All physical calculations and actions in this mode are frozen. All the perimeter tiles are locked for the changes.

    B. Physix mode activates tiles processing. Currently it?s able only to drop water tiles to the empty spaces (and infiltrate it through the sand), to find tops for water basins and to find water filled neighbours for water and wet sand tiles (wet soil currently doesn?t count because it has a different behavior ? to store water, but not to share it like wet sand).

    You can delete and change tiles in the Physix mode as well.

    Nearest ?to do list? for Physix:

    1. Calculate water pressure for all linked tiles in the single basins.

    2. Distribute water from high-pressure to low-pressure areas.

    3. Sand and soil moistening (not only down straight, but in the every possible directions) due to a pressure gradients.

    4. Water levelling.

    5. Tiles drowning in the water.

    6. Tiles gravity (it?s done already, but temporarily turned off, ?cause it should run after the all water processing).

    C. In the Debug mode you can see tiles values, tiles? IIDs for water basins top (small green number) and waterlinks (tiny red arrows). You can increase a delay to have a time to catch transitions between different phases. You can also export current level to the JSON-string.

    Important note: all sprites you see doesn?t move or do something at all except changing animation frames and handling mouse clicks. All variables and calculations settled in the 2D-array 24x17.

    I don?t think it?s a good idea to disclose caproj-source until the work is done. Especially due to constant changes (here you can see a 5th generation of Physix already) ? I?m afraid that current version will likely bring more mess in your minds than good examples to learn to. But I'll gladly answer to all your questions and can share any tricks you ask. :)

  • Leaving Nic's Vegas (try)

    I'm trying to make an adventure-game, which is playable on touchscreen. This demo is not. It's just a test to see how far I can get using C2. Still a lot of glitches and problems with the graphics, but I'm still quite satisfied I have made this..

  • Character moving prototype

    Sprites also mine.


    Moving W A D

    Weapons select 1 2 3 4 5

  • I've uploaded a new test build of a top down zombie WIP I'm working on for fun.

    If anybody has time I'd really appreciate people trying it and specifically telling me what their FPS are and what sort of system they have (browser, CPU and GPU). There's three levels of quality that effect how many shadows are drawn, which you can toggle through by pressing SPACE. Ideally I would like people to be able to run it with 'very high' settings (even the enemies cast shadows), but I expect that will tax most machines to be honest.

    <img src="" border="0">

    Press E to toggle between a pistol and flamethrower. Right click to shoot a Flare which attracts the zombies. The red dots are exploding barrels.

    There's no goal in this build, it's just testing out the recent things I've put in (like gibs when a zombie explodes, and spreading fire etc).

    Test it out here.

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