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  • Here is a prototype for my first game - tentatively called thumbshooter.

    Works best in Chrome and Firefox.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    The prototype can be played at

    Touch or click the red bar to load a projectile, fire at spikeys. The yellow(ish) center fountain is a gravity well, it will accelerate a projectile towards itself. The purple fountains at the sides are anti-gravity wells, they will accelerate the projectile away from themselves.

    Touching the red bar while a projectile is rolling around will cancel the current one and load another. The projectile can be captured in the center wells gravity if it approaches at too low a velocity -- this is quite entertaining.

    Works ok on ipad, my 3gs is slow. I need to do some work to limit the particle effects and animation on the lower speed devices.


  • Remoting Construct2 game from another Browser window or Smartphone, tablet,... with Pubnub :

    <img src="" border="0">

    Explanations : Pubnub is a socket send and receive messages service allowing to have socket functionalities without the need of

    I wrote a Pubnub plugin (Quick and dirty so I won't post it for now, based on Zack0Wack0 WebSocket plugin)

    Using it I can remote actions in C2 game from another browser window, smartphone, tablet (Wifi, Internet, 3G)

    It is very basic but the result :

    (The screencast is choppy but the result is fluid IRL...)

    You can setup a Pubnub account and get details about Pubnub here :

    With a free account, you get 5 Million messages per month, enough to test and retest ! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Hi Everybody,

    Just started getting into C2 and I'm really enjoying how user friendly it is.

    I made a quick test of a 2d lighting solution.

    <img src="" border="0">

    You can try it out here.

    And here's the Capx file.

    One problem I'm having with it is the Additive blending mode on the light. It works fine as long as there's a background sprite is on the same layer as the light and shadows, but it won't work if the background sprite is on a layer below it. I can make the Additive blending work by setting "Force Own Texture" to No on the Light and Shadows layer, but this breaks the shadows. So it seems like I can't have both an 'additive' light and 'destination out' shadows at the same time, only one or the other. At the moment in the capx file, there's a second copy of the background sprite in the Light and Shadows layer (as well as one on the Background layer), if you delete this you'll see what I mean by the Addtive mode no longer working .

    If there's a way to get that Additive mode working with the shadows, then you should be able to have multiple light sources in different colours, which could be pretty cool.

    I hope somebody finds this useful, or could point me in the right direction to get the rest of it working. Thanks!

    Edit: I'm getting 60 fps in IE9, but for some reason it only works locally. In firefox I'm getting 50 fps, and in Chome I'm only getting 20! No idea why.

  • Updated monsters so they jump around and aren't just sine-wave movement any more. They're quite random - they also jump around on platforms too, nowhere is safe now. :)

  • Making progress on the graphics , sloowly.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Puck, nice light sir.

  • I agree - that is really impressive, thanks for sharing the cap

    Edit: The eventing is so short! Though i dont think ill be understand it for a while, lol.

  • Puck,

    amazing, it looks even better zoomed out.

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  • Thanks. Sorry but I've been updating that Shadowtest directory as I build the game I'm working on, so the html page was no longer a representation of what I originally posted. I've gone back and edited it now, so it's pointing back at the original shadow test.

    The zombie game I'm working on is where that test originally was, which is here. It's uses the same shadow system, but with a tweaked shadow sprite (basically just a solid wedge of black with a bit of blur to the edges).

    <img src="" border="0">

    I'm just trying to get it optimised at the moment. It runs fine on my desktop PC, even when it's forced to use Canvas2d in IE, but I tried it on a laptop today at it was unplayable. The optimisations I've done (such as culling out shadows when they're off screen) actually loweres the overall fps (especially in webgl, which could handle the extra sprites), but it also smooths it out, so hopefully less dips into the 20's. Plus with the optimisations it also means I can hopefully increase the level size without any slowdown.

    I thought using sprites as shadows was a good idea, and it works fine for enemies and collumns and small things, but you need heaps of shadow casters to make a wall (butted up against each other to fill the gaps) which isn't ideal. I can't think of a method to do the walls and buildings in a simple way though. If I could use vectors / polygons this would probably be easier I expect?

  • By Amazing coincidence I was looking at this thread -

    It's done in flash but similar method I think.

  • Yeah that's a similar effect to what I was trying to achieve, but I think it's done in a better way there than they way I've done it here. They actually calculate out the proper polygons for each object, so all the shadows are accurate. My one just draws a shadow sprite (that looks like a black wedge) behind each object, which is fine for enemies and small objects, but very inefficient for walls (need dozens of 'shadow casters'). I'm not sure how to use their method in C2.

    Here's an even better implementation with the same method, though it goes a step further and has soft shadows -

    And of course, what originally made me want to try and make a simple zombie game with dynamic shadows, Notch's "Left 4k Dead" test game before he made minecraft.

  • Today I got the idea in my head to compare the two most common types of health meters. The one where you have a meter that increases in length when the player upgrades his health, and the one where the meter stays the same but instead the upgraded health is handled with percentages instead.

    That lead to me thinking about how I would go about making the latter one.

    When I got that to work I thought about fighting games and how the sometimes have curves and weird shapes. So I started thinking about masking, and subsequently snooped around on the forums to see if someone else had tackled it. Someone had, so I adapted that into my little experiment.


  • why is it so very slow in firefox. Is this the case with all games?

  • C2 recreation of simple Mouse Toy actionscrip code by Zevan

    <img src="" border="0">

  • Mouse toy 2<img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">...added some stuff: create/destroy circles at will, change angle, radius, shake effect, order of movement...

    instant fun :)


    edit: open in Chrome, in Firefox after clicking button rest of comands for changing parameters dont work unless you click outside of game screen

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