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  • zyblade

    Good job, i'm glad you had fun with it. <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    When i have a good stop at my free sprites topic, i'll improve all my games.

    Btw here the capx of that game, hope this'll be helpful for someone.

  • Unstoppable is very nice, I like that concept :-)

    ...And morover from your capx I learnt how manage WebFonts, 10x!

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  • i am working on my first construct game. kind of space taxi clone. it's almost playable...


  • Your space taxi game looks great. Reminds me of choplifter and that rocket lander game.   <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • put together a ninja gaiden movement system. A few bugs in there, like the throwing stars changing directions during mid flight. Tried to make a tad faster than the original controls.

    press asd to move and duck. space bar to jump. L to attack.

    when touching the walls, those yellow strips, press s or d to latch on and move up or down. while on the wall pressing L will throw stars. you can shoot them towards the wall or away by pressing a or d. to get off the wall, press space/jump without any other buttons. Wanted the wall climbing to have the similar stiffness of the original nes version.

    Wall climbing is done the same as ladders, as noted in the source. Sideways movement was disabled and some conditions were added to make the player mirror the right direction.


    Ninja Gaiden Demo


    Ninja Gaiden test source

  • I am making a racer/shooter called robot waste land, this is just the racing controls so far. I wanted this to be a two player on the same screen kind of game but there are some issues. The onscreen wheels are for touch on the ipad, but the problem is that only one touch is recognized at a time:( so I will probably have to scrap that, but a networked version is definitely a plan I have for the future.

    I also had issues with trying to make a bridge by hopping the sprite to different layers, but enable/disable collisions caused the game to hang/freeze.

    Thanks for any comments or suggestions, this done with the base install of Construct2 without any plugins.

    Here is the file...

  • Hi !

    I've just finished a small prototype. It's my very first project with Construct, made as a personnal challenge in a weekend. I started with a very simple idea (a game about 'speed') and tried to achieve an efficient "touch" gameplay, as I wanted to make the game playable on iPad. (you can play it on PC with the drag'n drop)

    I'll be very glad for any feedbacks and suggestions you could provide ! :)



    There is a space invader style shooter I have been working on for a few weeks.

  • I'd appreciate any feedback from the community on my platform game called Palo. Two levels so far. Please disregard the collision masks on the enemy heads. (I am troubleshooting why one of them disappears randomly.) Runs best in Chrome.

    (Credits I haven't added yet: GfxLib-Fuzed - Royalty Free Game Graphics from SpiceyPixel.NET     Music by Kevin MacLeod     Sound Effects by Scirra, Mike Koenig, Dr. Sound FX, creek23)

  • I'm currently recreating one of my first tests in construct classic with construct 2... progress is pretty good so far! :D

    <img src="" border="0">

    Demo URL:

    It's not optimized at all yet so the longer sounds will probably only play after you refresh the browserwindow after a few seconds once the game has loaded...

    So far i did this:

    • Animated Idle & Walk Pose
    • Animated Grass & Trees (Sine)
    • Parallax Backgrounds
    • Particle Effects for Rain and the Wizard's Staff (Adding an Image Point on each individual frame manually sucks

      Ashley ;D)

    Random Lightning

  • (Adding an Image Point on each individual frame manually sucks Ashley ;D)

    heh, and I just came here to suggest that :) 4 image points on 30 frames it's pain ;). Maybe something like "image point map" could make it less annoying. All you have to do is to import image files where single pixel will be recognized as image point (colors for different image points?)

  • I'd be happy if you didn't have to create each image point again from scratch on every new frame... there should be an option to add an image point to all frames of an animation atleast :O

  • there should be an option to add an image point to all frames of an animation at least

    Right mouse click on image point name -> apply to whole animation.

    It will add and position current image point for all animation frames.

  • lol... damn and i added them all manually ;D

  • Some way to set them with co-ords too would be awesome - when you want accuracy, and aren't using edges or corners to align things. :)

    Been working on an old age mutant kung-fu turtle.

    <img src="" border="0">

    It's interesting seeing how Atomic Armadillo did the Ninja Gaiden stuff- it's almost exactly what I'm trying to get to in my buggy way.

    I haven't half as elegant a solution, and through a unexpected crash trying to duplicate scenery, lost the workaround to stop him skating after jumping. :p

    If you press down while jumping he'll smash down on enemies ( and won't ski )

    CAPX here[url=][/url]

    Edit - been tightening up the GFX on level 3.

    <img src="" border="0">

    Just need to figure out why the splats aren't spawning when the enemies are destroyed.

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