My C2 game "Bee Active" is live on Ouya!

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  • Hi everyone,

    I can now officially confirm it is totally possible to make a game with Construct 2 and publish it to the Ouya. I did it with CocoonJS.

    I am going to be putting together a basic tutorial soon about this.. however bear in mind this game is 100% free. I don't have any IAP in this game, but I am going to work on my next game for it to include that capability and will do a tutorial for that as well once I know how it works.



  • I like that this game is educational, nice approach.

  • Great news.

    Do you think big games made with C2 will run smoothly on Ouya?

  • I'll be checking out the game tonight.

    Would love to see a tutorial on how you did it. I do know that Ludei (as of compiler 2.0.2) fixed the constant button press issue that was causing me a lot of grief.

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  • kristsbee thanks, my wife did the research. A few typos got through though because of the spritefont+ plugin and my noobish first time using it was a bit heavy handed removing most punctuation.. so I had to mangle a few sentences..

    A0Nasser I believe judging by the performance of this game on the Ouya, which FPS was seems to be as fast as, if not faster than iOS and Android. I noticed the looping music for this works seamlessly where some mobile ports have a small hiccup in them on some devices.. so basically if it plays good on a mobile device it should do fine on the Ouya, hands down.

    Grimbarian awesome. It was pretty painless to port.. AND big news.. I hear that 2.0.2 Canvas+ actually fixed the "on key pressed" issue which I had to hack around.. basically on key pressed wouldn't work.. only "key is down" which as you can imagine makes it hellish for having logic allow you to not fire off key presses because someone holds down a ms too long..

    Tomorrow I'm going to give it another update and restore a number of features I stripped out of it for the sake of simplicity because of that nasty gamepad input trouble I dealt with.

  • Congratulations! I can't wait to see a tutorial! I've been holding off on buying an Ouya because I wanted to make sure it was possible to port a Construct 2 game to it (without massive frustration).

    I'm most concerned with the Ouya gamepad controls. Was that difficult to work properly?

  • Congratulations! I can't wait to see a tutorial! I've been holding off on buying an Ouya because I wanted to make sure it was possible to port a Construct 2 game to it (without massive frustration).

    I'm most concerned with the Ouya gamepad controls. Was that difficult to work properly?

    I've been mucking about with Construct 2 and the OUYA since getting my KickStarter console a year ago, and the only problem with the controls I had come across (and fought to get fixed) was that the button presses would not detect properly. "On Button Pressed" would function as "Is Button Down" - and "On Button Released" didn't work at all.

    This has now been fixed using Ludei CocoonJS cloud compiler version 2.0.2.

    The only other thing you can't access through the gamepad is the "OUYA system menu" button, but I don't think that's too important.

    Other than that, the OUYA controller layout is very similar the XBox pad (which is the layout that the Construct 2 Gamepad plugin uses), so mapping the controller stuff is very, very easy.

    Sorry for the thread hijack there

  • nope nope, Grimbarian thanks for pushing for this. I just got lucky in my timing. 2.0.1 was great other than the control issue. I'm about to test a new version that assumes "on button pressed" works like it should now with 2.0.2 to restore some of functionality that i stripped out for times sake..

    The next big challenge for me is to get IAP working. I don't know if its easy or not.. i just haven't one any IAP stuff with C2 ever..

    and yea the system menu button is really no biggie since it's now used (wasn't always the case) for Ouya system functionality.. even if i could access it, i personally would leave it alone for that reason.

  • great work , keep it up

  • Thanks, it's been a crazy few days with some client work (non c2 stuff) a C2 class I'm giving in Boston this Thursday that I have to prepare for, family stuff and getting Bee Active updated..

    but the good news is that I can confirm the "on key pressed" is working as it should for me so I've already got some of the menu functionality back in the game.. but in-game stuff is still wonky..

  • Hey part12studios,

    Are you using the normal C2 Gamepad object or is there something else? I tried the Gamepad object on Nvidia Shield and Gamestick, but it doesn't work. I'm looking for a solution for an Android Gamepad Devices (Ouya, Gamestick, Nvidia Shield and so on). Does Ouya has a input system like a console gamepad (working on the normal C2 Gamepad Object) or is it Android based like other Gamepad based Android Devices? If Ouya has an Android based inputs, I would love to know how did you do this.


  • Hey arcgen

    I've just had my game accepted onto the OUYA store and it uses the normal gamepad object - works just fine too. When using the gamepad object on OUYA - the first (player1) gamepad is 0. So you can do local multiplayer using gamepad 0, 1, 2, 3 for players 1, 2, 3 & 4.

    I don't know about the Nvidia Shield - but for the GameStick I did read that one dev here created a game for it just fine - but that the player 1 gamepad had to be gamepad 1 - not 0 as is the standard.

    If you need any more help, just ask.

  • Humm. Actually I tried on GameStick using 0 as on PC. I'll change it and try it again just in case. Thank you!!

    I'm still looking for a Solution for Nvidia Shield since the normal gamepad object doesn't work. Maybe there is some trick like on the GameStick.

  • Also, consider using the Ouya export option. I know it's not the same device but since they are both android, perhaps the 2.0.2 canvas+ will still wrap the game pad in a way that the shield can recognize.. worth a try at lest.

    Grimbarian what is your game? Awesome news.

    Also got a little exposure on the Ouya Support google hangout to share a little about it.

    Also Marco, later in the conversation talks about the "Compile Launcher", or at least I believe that's what he's referring too. I did it the old fashioned (slow) way only because I knew it worked and cue times were rarely more than 10min so it wasn't a huge hurdle for this game, but later games that get more involved and require deeper testing, I can see how this would become a problem.

  • part12studios - great work on the exposure, nice job.

    My game is here:

    and in the thread on here too: silent-star-blast-on-scirra-arcade_t108634

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