My C2 game "Bee Active" is live on Ouya!

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  • awesome, i'll posted my progress on another forum thread.. Bee Active will always "bee free" ha!

  • congratulations!

    id like a guide about exporting to ouya. With cocoon but how?

  • I've been holding off doing a formal tutorial for many reasons, but the primary reason is that while CocoonJS was great if you're making a 100% free game (no ads, no IAP, no buy it now, etc) which is what Bee Active was, without being able to monetize a game with CocoonJS, I decided it wasn't really worth it.

    So, if you have any aspiration of making a game that makes you money on the Ouya, CocoonJS is a dead end. As it stands, Ludei has no plans to add Ouya store support, which is a real shame because its like, why bother then? Anywho..

    That said, really there isn't much to say on the how too. it was drop dead simple:

    1. export a cocoonjs build (not sure if it matters, but go ahead and add the cocoonjs object even though you never need to call on it (i didn't))

    2. upload that zip to cocoonjs. I did this with a standard account. nothing i could see in the pro version was worth applying for. NOTE: pro won't let you disable the "powered by ludei" splash at the beginning.

    3. compile for ouya of course and be sure you use the canvans+ 2.0.2 which is the latest as of this post. It worked fantastic for me, but I have heard from another dev that it was not good for them. All i know is that it fixed the controller issue for me (you used to not be able to use "on button pressed" before..)

    4. download the compiled ouya build. put that apk on your ouya to test things out. I suggest installing dropbox on your ouya using APK extractor which will make an apk you can email from an android device. this just saves you trouble having to move apk's back and forth over a usb drive.. i have a 32gb one installed on my ouya for games so i don't like having to keep ejecting it.

    5. you test on your ouya with the signed version to be sure it plays like it should.

    6. upload the unsigned apk that came with your signed one to the Ouya store for review. takes about 1-2 days to be approved and you're in. Ouya store stuff was pretty straight forward and I got accepted on my first try.

    Ouya is working on a solution similar to CocoonJS using Chromium which ideally would be great because this would be a wrapper for HTML5 games and insure we have the ties to the app store, but they have a lot going on with Unity3D support and other stuff so this might not happen right away, but I feel its something we'll see this fall.

    Till then I'm pretty much done with Ouya development with C2 until this solution is worked out. It was a shame to get so close with CocoonJS only to see the final chasm was too great to cross without their involvement/support.

    Good luck!


  • Great work, congratulation!

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  • Thanks Perlesvaus I'm really excited to report back with the new Chromium system (since CocoonJS was abandoned) that Ouya themselves are developing to allow us to easily wrap our games.

    The big piece missing now is the IAP plugin for C2. The code is there to talk to the Ouya store, but we just need the plugin to effectively make the calls needed to talk with the store. Definitely some cool stuff coming soon.



  • I don't know man, how are things with Ouya? It wasn't very good when i checked last time, congratulations for your game on Ouya but i wouldn't waste my time for now...

  • Well bee active was a free game so it's not like I'm making any money off of it. I has 171 installs at this point and 4 of 5 stars which was very nice of people to rate it. I launched it in July.

    Soon we'll have a really cool system that will support.

    Personally I don't know what the whole thing is about people enjoying kicking the Ouya.. in fact it kinda gets me pissed off hearing people being all.. "well.. i hear it sucks.."

    wtf is wrong with indies and the games press?! This is the only console/platform largely driven by indie / amature game developers. there are a lot of great games on it. This was MADE FOR INDIES, and yet all I hear is people pissing and moaning about it.. and yet more and more games are being published for it in spite of all the "Ouya is dead" BS.

    I'm working directly with Ouya developers to make an easy to use wrapper for C2 games (with a plugin). They are actively making an incredibly awesome system that will make C2 games easy to do everything from screen scaling (to address overscan) to making all forms of IAP stuff.. including Menu button control..

    Good luck getting Microsoft or Sony to do that! I'm approved with the Wii-U but that's a whole other road and level of commitment we're not able to do at this time. Instead I'm working on games for the Ouya and if I find one that shows some promise in that market where I don't have to spend thousands of dollars on SDK hardware and deal with Console red tape..

    So yea is the Ouya going to make you rich? most likely not, but if you're wanting to make a console game, Ouya is a great place to get your feet wet with a real market.

    I've seen games out there with thousands of reviews.. many of them very positive. its a pretty generous community in terms of rating indie games.. there are less than 1000 games on the ouya.. how many on iOS? Android? etc..

    So yea sure maybe it won't make a ton of money, but maybe it will. I don't know how much money you have to make from a port of a game to make it worth your time, but a well made ouya game can still generate thousands of dollars.. last time I checked that's not bad for a casual game.

    Bottom line is the Ouya is a great testbed.. get your idea out there and get real feedback before you take it to steam.. or Wii-U.. or whatever, but frankly it's fine if people want to throw rocks from the sidelines.. I'm enjoying seeing my games on a nice big TV screen with gamepad.

  • Well said part12studios

  • yousicc thanks, haters gonna hate. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    So I have some pretty exciting news. I'll have more on this soon, but I am happy to report I've submitted my next game "Controller Quest" to the Ouya store using the new C2 custom plugin created by Tim, one of the fine folks over at Ouya.

    It is a simple controller testing app to help you make sure all your buttons and joysticks are working properly. This was meant to be my "hello world" for Ouya making a simple app with a donate button to allow me to make something that could be a paid app, without making a full blown game to only then find out there was some trouble with it.

    You can get the (mostly) full scoop here: ... md#setup-1

    There are a few applications you'll need to configure to do things the really nice way, but once you get past that stuff, it's really nice! I now can export as a straight HTML5 project, then dump it into the Chromium folder and run the deploy script and it wraps everything and pushes the app over to the ouya.

    I will, once i get on top of some other work I have on my plate under control (IAP on iOS with cranberry's plugin is hyper-urgent) I'll go back and give my own breakdown of the whole deployment pipeline.

    Tim's going to help me with some additional things (like admob and the ability to take someone from the app to another game you might list in a "more games" view.

    So yea, this is a really great thing. I'm just waiting to be sure my app gets approved. there are 998 apps on the ouya.. kinda crossing my fingers to be 1000 heh, but regardless, i'm excited to figure out what the next game we'll make for the Ouya is going to be.

  • Do you know how many people using Ouya ?

  • Great work!

  • ok so yea it's out there now. with IAP working. Please feel free to try it out. It's totally free. The donate thing is just a little optional thing I put in there to make sure I could really make something that could be monetized. I'm going to do an official post about this launch shortly.

  • Congratulations part12studios !

  • how did you get the fullscreen to work. what settings did you export with and use in concoonJS? I'm having a hard time having my game fill the screen properly

  • don't use CocoonJS for Ouya unless you want to do a totally free game with no IAP, etc.

    I honestly don't remember and it's been over about 8 months since i did it so CJS has likely changed since then.

    My suggestion is if you want to make an ouya game you should use the official ouya way..

    there is an c2 plugin.. although you should bear in mind that you have to overwrite the controller and audio object (the official ones) to get proper ouya control mapping and correct audio. any update will overwrite these when you upgrade C2.. so remember to keep re-overwriting them.

    Good luck!


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