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  • Thanks welfo I will try that.

  • Rex

    thanks for the great plugins and the demo.

    I'm using the demo project to implement one 3match for one test game.

    But when i try change the position of SquareTx on axis Y. The game logic dont work fine (just some matches work...).

    This happen for some reason? the match code depend of initial position of squaretx?

    thanks View Post

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  • The game is supposed to check when you are out of moves and reset the board, but the plugin is apparently broken. Also, a few of the matcher patterns (see MATCH2D) are incorrect. A colleague of mine tried to fix it, but has had limited success.

    Has anyone been able to fix this yet or is rexrainbow working on a fix by chance?


  • Same problem, game logic dont work good after i change SquareTx on axis Y. Any ideas?

  • Update gfsm plugin, and split events into different event sheet.

  • good work - congratulation


  • Update:

    Now console will show each matched line, user could pick 5/4/3 matched chess at one line independently.

  • Amazing

  • Awesome sample!


  • Hi,

    Thanks for the awesome plugin!

    Is anyone know how to change the entry side of the new squares?

    I would like to make them arrive for the left side (and not from the top).

    Thanks in advance.

    Ps: I'm just wondering: is there any easier/more simple way to do a match-3 puzzle game? Because the exemple is awsome but really complicated to use/modify for noobs like me

  • PixelImpact


    The core of match3 in this example is not harder. But a little complete game needs more flow control. So that the FSM will be necessary.

  • Hi, thanks for the answer!

    The other plugin looks nice also but it is actually more complex for me because more need to be done in order to be able to use it so I'll stick with this one which is great

    I have managed to play with this plugin and it is now fitting most of my expectations.

    I am just stuck at the following point:

    How can I assign a specific scorring for each square colors? For example:

    Red = add 1 to the global variable "Score_red"

    Green = add 1 to the global variable "Score_green"


    I have played with the animation frames but it's not working so far.

    Thanks again.

  • PixelImpact

    This sample destroys chess by picking it, so you could check frame index of each chess.

    For example, insert events at event sheet - "FSM-match3-ELIMINATION", line 1.

  • It's working !!! So simple but still so amazing

    Thanks you so much!!!

    I just haded a subevent to the first action to check the frame as you recommended and it is working perfectly fine I guess it looks silly now but I was really stuck...

    May I also ask how can I change the position of the grid in the window? I would to make it small (done) and to put it in the buttom but anytime I'm trying to change its Y, it just makes it bigger (the grid always starts from the top corner).


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