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  • rexrainbow Thank you, I've finally managed change the movement to LiteTween and it looks amazing, now there are more options to animate the board with the tween effects.

    Your plugins are very good.

    By the way I recommend to change the touch events with this simple change:

    Also reduce the "Swap" and "Undo Swap" wait to about 0.3.

    It's a lot more responsive now and it works both ways, by dragging and also by touching one by one.

  • rexrainbow Excellent work as always! Is there any chance to update the capx file ?

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  • You can modify the sample capx in your project, for free.

  • rexrainbow

    I mean the capx to match the demo project on the first page.

  • I just edited your awesome example a little and wanna share it with you and everyone.

    Firstly added two events :

    by doing so you dont need to worry about moving the board around.

    Secondly changed touch handling a bit:

    now the user doesn't needs to release mouse or his/her finger to see the result.

    Game looked a little buggy in touch screen devices, when user needed to release his/her finger to see result.

  • rexrainbow hi, i know this is an old plugin, might be that is deprecated by now, but i get a error on capx when i try to open it with Stable R239

    img drive can this be fixed or works with a older C2 version only?

  • The sample capx still worked fine now.

  • The sample capx still worked fine now.

    that is weird, cant open it, says something about //?.// temp il try later thanks for the time to reply.

  • Try update rex_ginstgroup from this page.

  • Try update rex_ginstgroup from this page.

    i i get a frame number not a expression at "random key at" is not a instance variable or expression in 'local table' line 91 column 33

    In Board.xml

    i think il need to re-update all the plugins used in the capx , however i did just downloaded the repository and updated all plugins and behavior, not sure why this happens, might be that my hard drive is at 9 gb space?

    cause the error keeps starting with the ///?// location /apdata/temp which i guess requires a bit of dummy space...

    dont worry about it though, i just wanted to see if there is an error in the capx gameplay, around middle bottom ... if blocks dont spawn, fall in place there, cause codecanyon is filled with one cloned and reskined over and over template with same error and was wondering if this one is better or not. wanted to test something.

  • rexrainbow


    I love your Plugins. Thanks a lot!!!

    I built a match three game with it and it basically is working. But I think I did something wrong so that it is lagging so much that it is unplayable.

    I tried every restructur of the code that I can imagine and at this point I am just frustrated and have no more ideas.

    Could anyone of you maybe give it a look and give me a hint, what could be the problem? I would be super grateful!

  • finally fixed it. if someone got questions on the new events hit me up fam.

  • finally fixed it. if someone got questions on the new events hit me up fam.

    Benhh can u plz share capx. searching it badly but couldnt find one.

  • > finally fixed it. if someone got questions on the new events hit me up fam.


    Benhh can u plz share capx. searching it badly but couldnt find one.

    Hey, I am so sorry for my late reply. I didnt see the notification. You mean my capx (to what my screenshots refer to) or the capx of rex for the bejeweled game? Rex capx is downloadable in the beginning of this thread.

    Unfortunately I dont want to share my capx since it contains a bunch of other stuff for a project that I want to use. But I can screenshot the whole match three game part for you if you want. I can also explain you some of it. I was thinking to do a tutorial for it anyway when I have time. It is now actually working pretty smooth.

  • jatin1726

    I understood that the board plugins series are not easy to learn. I am trying to write new documents for these plugins. ( It might take 2 or more months )

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