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  • PixelImpact

    The visible area is 10x10 in this sample. But the whole board is 10x20. The top 10x10 is prepared for falling down.

    Modify board size in properties table of rex_board object (it is 10x20 default). And change the most left-top position in properties table of rex_squareTx object, field "X at (0,0)", "Y at (0,0)".

  • rexrainbow


    Is that possible to add animations to the chess?

    Because I would like to add some in order to make it more nicer. Unfortunatly, when I'm starting to play with the frames, it brokes the matcher and it can't reconize the match3.

    I have made something myself (see the cap attached) but it is a complete mess and doesn't work anymore at all....

    Any ways to do it would be great

    (Ideally, the best would be maybe to add a local variable for each starting frame and then the matcher would check the local variables instead of the frames)


  • PixelImpact

    Get symbol of each tile is In my sample capx, event sheet "Board", line 4. Change the input expression

    to chess.MySymbol for example.
  • Incredible! Awesome! Amazing!

    An Bejeweld-Game with C2! GRAT!

  • rexrainbow

    Works perfectly with local variables instead of frames matching Thanks again so much!!!

    In order to go even further, how can I do to destroy a line and/or a specific color of chess?

    Because I would like to asign a key when pressed the bottom line is destroyed (no matter the type/colors of the chess) and another key when pressed all the chess of the same type/color in the board are destroyed.

    Problem is I don't know how to create new chess (by triggering the "fall" state) and how to select a all line to be destroyed.

    Also, sometime the board freeze and I can't swap the chess anymore? Is that normal or is that just with my game?

    Thanks again

  • You know UML? Nice

  • PixelImpact

    I am not sure why it had frozen. I did not have this situation before. Maybe I miss something.

    To destroy the same color, or destroy a line, You might try to pick all chess, then check the color or the logic position. The logic position of each chess could be got by expression:UID2LX, expression:UID2LY of rex_board object.

    logical position (x, y) = ( Board.UID2LX(chess.UID) , Board.UID2LY(chess.UID) )

    Or, using Condition:Pick chess at LX , Condition:Pick chess at LY of rex_board object. The document of rex_board is at here.

  • rexrainbow

    Thanks! Very clear and that helped me a lot as alway

    Now my problem is I don't know how to activate the fall of all the chess to fill in the empty places of the board. So how to make the chess fall (wihtout any match3)?

    About the freezes, it started (occasionally) when I change the number of columns/lines. Maybe it is because of that?

    Thanks again

  • PixelImpact

    You might need to change the state machine. The main fsm is at "FSM-main" event sheet. The states changed would be dumped at console.

  • rexrainbow Ok found it! It works well thanks <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    What about the freeze? Is that just my game then?

    Also sometime, even if if I swap 3 chess, it doesn't match and the chess go back to it original position. It looks like the game have determined which items shoudl match and you can't match any other ones...

    Here is a last version my prototype:

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  • you can do everything on a single sheet of Eventon in their respective order

  • PixelImpact

    This demo only could swap 2 neighbor chess, you might need to change the state machine for your requirement.

  • Sorry but where is the download link please?

  • Naji

    See them at first post of this thread.

  • rexrainbow

    Your plugins are always awesome.

    I'm slowly learning about FSM and the bejeweled example is great. However I am stuck trying to figure out how to change the input from swapping to clearing the matches of a tile when the tile is clicked. I understand how to not clear matches automatically when they occur and how to change the match min and max limits. Can you give me some additional pointers?

    Or if anyone else can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.

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