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  • istavang

    Set "Global" of SquartTx object to "No" to re-create this object when restart layout.

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    great now it works perfect thanks


  • a new prob acured its only possible to use the event sheet on one layout now ? howcome .. it worked on several before ? anything to do to fix that ?

  • Thanks for all the great plugins, rexrainbow. I can see that you have made a great effort!

    I'm fiddling around with your "Bejeweled" and thought I might try to tweak it a little ... So I start out with showing five different pieces on the board and maybe when the user have reached , say 300 points I'll introduce one more piece. I got a global "NumberOfPieces" to set the number of animation frames for chess. That should make it a bit more interesting, even if it's not a brand new level. But I run into some problems. I can't get the game to continue after I have run the function I made ("NewLevel").

    I'm tracing and confirming that the System > Set group "Input" Activated action is called. But it doesn't seem active!

    I would be very grateful if you (or anyone!) have the time to take a look and point me in the right direction?

    here is my capx:

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  • Er .. the name of my function is of course "CreateLevel". Sorry.

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  • Great! And smooth!! But what if I want to restart the game? I only get a black screen ... Some variables or plugins that have to be reset?

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  • Hey, I've been using your plugins to create a game (Great Plugin btw), I've come across an issue with IE9 in Windows 7.

    When you try to load my version of the game the screen repeats several layers and becomes completely inactive and freezes.

    When trying to load your example the sprites you use for the grid show in the top left corner, the HTML5 logo remains on screen and the game freezes.

    Is there anyway to fix this issue?

    Again great plugin

  • Hi, I've found where the problem is occurring.

    There is a conflict in the official browser plugin and one of your plugins inside of IE9.

    To test simply run your example in IE9 and you will see the problem. Run the debugger and refresh and the problem appears to vanish.

    I created a work around that works perfectly here in my version of the game.

    Export the project as a HTML5 (not minified) and delete the debugging stuff and the project will work fine.

  • I'm new to C2, but your plugins are great. Is there a simple way to detect when there are no more possible matches and either shuffle or eliminate the current chess?

  • 1.     Is it possible to make say 5 diffrent chess objekts on same board and random them on the board?

    Insted of sprite frames , so you can esyer tell them what to do.

    2.     And allso is it possible to make barriers on the board so that the chess must og around the barrier.

    Looking forward to pointing me in the right direction


  • Hey, i wonder if it's feasible to add the drag and drop behavior to the chess pieces so instead of moving the pieces by two touch, doing it in only one.

  • I was able to have the desired behavior without using drag and drop...

    Basically, set up 2 global variables (on -1 as start value), to catch the UID of each chess piece touched on the swipe movement.

    On the "Input" group, instead of "on touched chess" event, substitute for:

    On any touch start > set variable1 to chess.uid

    on any touch end > set variable2 to chess.uid


    Then, on the SELECT_2 state:

    on "SELECT_2" transfer logic > main:set chess1_uid to variable1

                                   main:set clickedchess_uid to variable2

    And finally, whenever you set the main.clickedchess_uid to -1, you also need to set both global variables to -1.

  • Great Job! Just to be clear, you are giving us permission to use this any way possible without compensation correct? If we use this commercially, would you like to be credited for the plugin tech?


  • Nice work, Welfo. I wondered how that would function. I'll personally probably stick with clicking this time around.

    Has anyone been able to figure out how to generate a power-up type of chess object? For instance, match 3 of a certain item or a certain pattern and generate a chess that will clear the board of any other chess it's swapped with (just like Bejweled).

  • I think the solution to that is on the Score.Add function... There is an event that calls this function and sends a parameter ("InstGroup.InstCnt("elimination"), which contains a value that is added to the Score...

    With that, and maybe try to find something in the event that says:

                   prepare.On "MATCH2D" transfer logic ...

    I believe that is the part when you actually look for valid matches.

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