StuffGEN - object maker, made with C2

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  • Quite fun to use!

  • San - indeed, but I also see that you and many users get these ugly scaling artifacts. Hopefully the next version can avoid that.

    There also was a question about outline and how easy or hard it would be to animate something in Spriter - this gif should provide some answers (there's a Posterization effect active on the work layer):

    So basically once you have your design it would be a piece of cake to separate the parts and export them to some animation system, for example Spriter. Besides, unlike most traditional methods here you are quite likely to get edge-friendly parts (joints) simply as a side-effect of the design process.

    I'm considering a feature where you can group tag selections and then auto-save all of them separately so exporting for use in Spriter, for example, would be a snap (without moving anything around).

  • Somebody yep it seems to happen due to scaling and lighter colors show those lines a bit more clearly

  • Somebody Oh my gosh, that's amazing!

  • Somebody are you also going to add a way to move objects up or down in the z-index? Just having "move to top" and "move to bottom" is a bit limiting. Or rather a bit cumbersome to work with.

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  • This looks very amazing, i'm curious how many events used to make this project.

    Keep the good work and best luck.

  • A0Nasser - not that many, actually, I recently cleaned everything up a little, but there's still junk everywhere and it's under 200 base events:

    It's all reasonably simple to an extent. Also, the fact that I'm doing this on a 6 year old laptop kinda helps, as I'm forced to keep things lean and clean. So if it's fast enough here it should be nice for nearly anyone.

    San - it's a limitation of C2 in a way, but sometime in the future I might find a workaround by sequentially sending things above a selected part. Although in the new version this is less and less of an issue because of awesome selection improvements.

  • That really shows the versatility and power of C2 right there.

  • Yes outlines make everthing stand out!

  • This is great. Is there a desktop version?

  • mrnannings - Thanks, A desktop version is planned, but since I'm leaning more and more towards an actual product I'm not going to make one at this time.

    Currently going through a todo list and adding things to make it behave like a proper editor.

    Also, very open to sensible suggestions.

    Meanwhile, another usage scenario - sketch to object:

    Then we do a cleanup/detail run:

    And an example damage run:

  • Free to use spaceship..

  • The USS StuffGen


  • Cool stuff, Burvey! I haven't posted any real updates, because the latest version broke compatibility a while back so I'd prefer to make it really fully featured so it's the last version of the data file for sure. Stay tuned.

  • The USS StuffGen


    Looks good.

    Up next: StuffGen Picard.

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