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  • Mini poll: I'd like to rename the project ObGEN as that better relates it's purpose and is pronounced in a similar way. Is the risk of immature jokes too big?

    The risk is quite large.. I'm not sure I can stop myself from sticking one in even as I type this...

    Personally, I like the name StuffGEN.

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  • i like the name StuffGen also.

    It makes the app a low entry level.

    Which is good, and stuff implies "multiple" objects.

    The imature part "to me" was only there when u said it in the mini poll.

    Yes i like this app, not just because i can create an object with it, but because it brings me allot of Stuff for my games in a graphicle equalised manner.

    I vote for more Stuff in stuffgen

  • Well, sounds like the brand's been established then StuffGEN it is.

    Great things are up ahead, here's a little taste:

    It's growing a bit bigger, hopefully you have got HD screens. Proper selecting of things just like you would expect from an editor - Tab forward, Shift-Tab back, selection rectangles, Shift-select to add or remove. Just some of the upcoming features.

  • Hello, posting just to give you encouragement, you're doing a great job, helps us to know not draw, I think it has great potential.

    Here my car for my next game xd (Sorry for my English ):

  • Dont know if u already thought about this, but dropbox saving & loading (as a option) makes cloud storage possible for those who need it.

  • It is possible to create outer lines on grouped objects?

    Just like bold lines in cell shading style.

  • That is actually planned for an upcoming version (outlines). Right now I'm fighting with zooming.

    Actually, the plan is to make all sorts of outlines possible, together with palletization, so you can also make all sorts of retro-styled sprites.

  • I have a feature request. If possible, can you make it so that when an object is selected, an outline box or something will show which tile is highlighted. Sometimes I distort the object so much that I forget which one I'm working with. Perhaps something similar could be done for the color in use as well.

  • Burvey - sounds like a neat idea, I might look into it - although in the future there will be tileset choosing, so there is a chance you wouldn't want to be taken away from your given tileset... I'll think about the best way to do it.

  • Somebody

    How are u with Royalty Free?

    Because we are using your tiles to build etc.

    Ofcourse it would be great if all came as royalty free for us.

    Just haven't seen anything on that part from u yet.

    I want to completely redesign my OH crab! game with StuffGen.

    Its not that i cant design my own graphics with incscape etc, but Stuffgen is like "playing" for me.

    Like the power of minecraft building.

    And when it comes to graphics i (for the first time) noticed that i was playing using StuffGen.

    Instead of it costing me allot of energy afterwards (Dullness), it gave me energy to go at it again

    So now i want to make a waypoint tank game out of OH Crab!

    The game engine suits that genre perfect.

    And StuffGen for me is the enjoyable way to go.

    I can drag/drop/transform.. say Nehh or Yeaahh the easy way.

    And all of that with a consistent art style.

  • Savvy001 - Glad to hear you enjoy it so much, you'll like the next version even more then.

    As I move forward and add features that make it more and more like a proper editor (get around the low-res parts problem, add copy/paste, undo/redo, tilesets, multiple palettes, etc) I'm realizing this could actually be a proper product, not just a toy. Perhaps even worthy of the now popular kickstarter route.

    But that's in the future. For now let's say all content made with the version available here is yours to use as you wish except for, for example, distributing the individual tiles (parts - my original artwork) for profit. When you make something from those parts you are good to go.

    if I do make it a product it will probably be the same - creations are good to go, the parts themselves are not.

    So feel free to use it, just keep in mind it won't be available forever (but something better will be).

  • Great!

    Any route u choose, i gladly buy it.

  • Just a little update since this is basically a worklog as well... Did some research and it seems that most of the world is still stuck with that god among resolutions, the 1366x768. So I have been reworking the UI to fit into that and use it to the fullest (screen that is):

    Half of the buttons don't work yet, but gettting ever closer for sure.

    The palette got smaller as you can now adjust color directly via keys.

    Implementing a proper zoom on the work area has been a nightmare, what with the scroll ratios (and I want to work just like photoshop, where you space-drag the canvas) so it's been sent to the very back of the todo queue.

    Coming in the future would be the stuff already mentioned as well as some sort of "standartization" of tiles - all tilesets to have 128 tiles tops and more specialized tilesets, such as "Glow", "Wheels", etc.

    I prefer all the tiles in a set to be visible at a glance, even if it makes them smaller instead of scrolling - what do you prefer?


    Any route u choose, i gladly buy it.

    I can see it!

    On a more serious note, if I do go the kickstarter route it would probably be very reasonably priced AND packed with value (perhaps link that to some reasonable stretch goals, so that everybody benefits). So far we have seen only the tech tileset, but I'd like to (time and resources provided) to make A LOT of tilesets, some of them quite different, like this (made a quick sketch):

    By combining the different parts, scales, colors, angles you could pretty much create whatever you like.

  • Somebody

    Are these quick sketched tiles also build from different parts?

    Meaning, do they come complete as "head/torso/arm/leg" or like:

    shape+shape+shape+shape+shape+shape = head

    shape+shape+shape+shape+shape+shape = torso

    shape+shape+shape+shape+shape+shape = arm

    shape+shape+shape+shape+shape+shape = leg

    (If complete... would that not take away the StuffGen magic and become more like a spritepack)

    Personally i prefer the Stuff in smaller (separated) parts.

    In your quick sketch image i count 16 tiles, but over 100 + parts.

    Or maybe i'm just simply missing the point

  • Well, in that sketch it's supposed to be pre-made parts so you can just kitbash some silly creatures - freedom to go crazy being the key. There could be "serious" part kits and then some more lightweight ones just to fool around. That's not to say you cannot go crazy with the limited serious parts (heh, heh):

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