StuffGEN - object maker, made with C2

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  • Idea: have people create assets for this app.

    Upload them to server (combined dropbox or something)

    Load them in from url.

    I imagine using this, combining different assets (basic shapes) created by different people.

  • That might be tough as my system uses animation frames for each object, but different part "sets" are already possible (in fact I just implemented one of them) and are planned to be available.

    It would be cool to have some talented people create new sets - things like steampunk or, for example, insect-like parts. You could create some pretty crazy hybrid stuff. Then I could include that in a new version.

    Next version will have at least one new part set and some new color palettes.

    Keep those ideas coming!

  • My latest StuffGEN creations. A generic video game controller.


    And another more simple version based on the original NES controller. This one took about 5 minutes.


  • Cool stuff, Per your request the grid now goes down to 4x4 pixels... also the shakey selection was a bit weird so I went ahead and implemented the really cool outline selection which looks great and works great and took some math to do. The main link has been updated with the new stuff.

    See it in action here:

    As you can see the new options are so neat, even the ugly tank became kinda cute: ... wTank.json

    Speaking of grids - easter egg - press G to toggle the overgrid (helps when a lot of objects cover up the action - you can see it in the gif, towards the end).

  • Im using StuffGen, and i miss a center image indicator.


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  • And pressing H for help is good, but then i need to press mouse to go out of help.

    H in & H out would be nice.

    Prevents me from clicking on something else, like color etc.

  • In theory you just tap + a couple of times and can use G to be sure, but yeah, I can add something like that - going to do it now.

    Will add H to exit help as well.

  • Super!

    Scrolling with mouse when over the parts box would be great to.

    My mouse is already there

  • The ability to bring something like this into Spriter is where thing get interesting. With all those individual parts, you can really go nuts with animation. And, if you want to blow something up...

  • Super!

    Scrolling with mouse when over the parts box would be great to.

    My mouse is already there

    You can bet I tried that - for some reason on all of my systems the scroll wheel doesn't react at all... Does it work for you (not in StuffGEN, but if you make a little test capx?).

    About the centerline, how about this?

  • CenterLine = Perfect!

    Also a non grid (free move) option would be nice.

    Scroll with mouse has always worked for me, i'l make a test capx now and put it here.

  • Whoops, i looked at the blinking part top right corner and pushed it.. then the help menu switched to on and the text on that blinking button said Reset.

    So now my hover insect thingy is down the drain.

    So i searched for the undo button... none found

  • I have uploaded a new version that has the centerline and also press V (for "Same Values") to pick same colored bits (very neat).

    I wish there was a way to overcome graphics card's limitations and always have the best quality for the parts.... Well, when the part kit is finalised I'll try making a smaller subset for smaller parts. Also the way C2 slaps them together on export isn't that great, I wish it just took my spritesheet and used that wholesale.

    Undo is quite hard... I'll probably figure it out, but for now... save often

  • Here is the Capx

  • Here is the Capx

    Nope, doesn't work at all. I'm on Windows 8.1 and Chrome. So it's a bit hard to support something that doesn't work for me... Scrolling through there would be the most natural thing, but I have no idea why it doesn't.

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