StuffGEN - object maker, made with C2

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  • Now thats strange..

    Windows 7 and chrome here, all working.

    Maybe support both?

  • Well, sure I would, but need to find out the scroll speed and such first. I have more options at work, will test it tomorrow. It should be easy to implement. Thanks for the feedback so far, keep it coming (and share your creations ).

  • Undo Redo is covered by Rexrainbow.

    He has multiple ways of using that plugin.

    Here is one of his examples incl needed files.

    His example


    Extra canvas behavior (needed to open capx)


    The plugin


  • Thanks. I'll have to look into it, as quite a bit of stuff happens every tick (but then there aren't too many objects). My own idea was to basically have dynamic arrays, same as the ones you use to save out files. And just load those back when an undo is called.

    But I need to fix the loading first - something is missing there when you try and load another thing after the first load (perhaps I need to clear the Array object or the AJAX one or something like that).

  • Thank you. With the smaller grid we should be able to do more things like make tilesets or even pixel based text. I decided to try making some dungeon style tiles just to see if it could be done. Here's what I came up with so far. The top image is the tileset I made using StuffGEN. I then imported the tileset into Tiled and made the image below with it. I know that I could make these much better if I put more time into them.



  • Super-neat, Burvey. In the next larger update I'll bring out a Flat part pack and more palettes so making different things will become even easier.

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  • Whoops, i looked at the blinking part top right corner and pushed it.. then the help menu switched to on and the text on that blinking button said Reset.

    Somebody I did that as well earlier. I was wondering, is the reset button really needed? Also how is it different the clear or just simply refreshing the browser? Just curious.

  • Well, it's about the same as reloading the browser so I suppose it could be removed. It makes sense if in the future the app leaves the browser, for example. As for the differences - this is a leftover of the state system and some other things. You are right, I'll just throw it out.

  • Another StuffGEN creation.


  • Burvey is the king of StuffGEN!

    Somebody I really like where this is going. I'm super impressed. Keep it up!

  • spacedoubt lol, thank you. The funny thing is that I honestly have no artistic ability whatsoever. I owe all the credit for the designs to the application.

    Somebody I'm not sure if you already have it in line for the next update or not but I would like to request a trapezoid shape.

  • This is some brilliant stuff! Really fun to use and efficient.

    Really wish you could play with the look of the occlusion, maybe a brightness/contrast filter with the effects already on C2?

  • Hey, kraed, thanks for the kind words.

    From what I see FX tend to produce artifacts, especially when going extra bright, etc. But I intend to include a good bunch of different part sets which would help with achieving different looks.

  • Another update, check it out:

    • Improved - Went through everything and cleaned up most lose ends in the code. Optimized several things.
    • Improved - Removed the confusing reset button.
    • Improved - The grid is now a little more opaque, the center a little more pronounced and yet less distracting.
    • NEW - New selection display system, a good deal better - now future proof, as it uses the same assets. It now shows the outline of the object no matter how deep under the others it is. Also, and this isn't perfect yet, it lowers in opacity the deeper the object.
    • NEW - Set canvas size (within the grid for now, but this promises a bigger grid soon). Click the canvas edit button and edit the canvas (green rectangle) just like the objects (same controls).

    Just hard refresh the link from the first post to try it.

    Known issues - cannot load an object a second time, unless something else was loaded before that. Please help:

    Mini poll: I'd like to rename the project ObGEN as that better relates it's purpose and is pronounced in a similar way. Is the risk of immature jokes too big?

  • Some of my favorite NES characters, StuffGEN style!


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