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An amazing and interesting puzzle game for kids!
  • Okay so i found a bug which causes the game to freeze if you click to swap a bubble before they've appeared on screen. Not really a bug just forgot to add code to prevent it. Will update later.

  • Hey Buddy! I love the game so far your doing a great job, I have been trying to work out how you have done the aiming arrow! I don't suppose you could shed any light on how you managed it???

  • Well a lot of the code is specific to my game engine, but if you do a search for lazer you should find a few examples showing you how to work out angles with trigonometry which you can learn form and adapt.

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  • Hey Ethan! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! I will check those out, I've been look for a way to do the strechy aiming arrow thing for ages! Thanks again, cant wait till you game is finished it going to rock!

  • I love the gameplay, Can't wait to see the version with graphics

    well done!!

  • Please can a mod move this thread over to the correct forums.

    Update 14.

    Resized enemy character to match hero character on opposite side.

    I swapped the enemy health bar (may come back in next version) for counters which track how many bubbles are on the board, how many power ups and how many hazards.

    Added a new, and hopefully the last, hazard bubble.

    It's a simple rebounder which deflects bubbles.

    Bubbles can stick to it if they are also stuck to another bubble.

    The only way to get rid of them is to pop the bubbles around them, then they fall.

    The main thing i've been working on though is changing how power up and hazards are handled. Before everything happened at once and it all felt a bit manic. Now each one happens in turn with a clear message displayed showing if it's a power up or hazard along with the 'spell' name.

    This also meant having to completely rewrite the score system which was always a mess. Now matches and rebound bonus are displayed with the score at the side of the screen and and simple score amount displayed over the popped bubble.

    The whole thing feels more professional now i think.

    New version can be played here. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/159885981/pb14/index.html

  • no bad, good job!

  • shimo thanks.

    So i noticed that it's been over a year now since i started this dev blog. Any way i hope it won't take another year to finish.

    I've spent most of my time continuing work on the map/level selection screen, but nothing to show yet.

    I did add a few more minor improvements as well though.

    Matched bubbles now have a glow effect. It only happens on straight up matches as bubbles popped during a special attack or power up will get their own effects eventually.

    I added a popup message box to show the player how many fallen bubbles they have left to collect before the special ability is activated.

    The score info has been updated to show how many points were reduced when a level is lost.

    And i finally started working on a dialogue system. When you win or lose a round the enemy will taunt you. It's randomly picked between 3 choices, different for each enemy.

    I decided to code my own sprite font to have more control over moving each letter and applying effects to them. It's not good for games with large amounts of text as each letter is a sprite image, but it works well for a game like this where the dialogue is displayed a sentence at a time. I'm not entirly satisfied with it yet but it's a start.

    Heres also a look at how a level is created.

    The dialogue is set for each level. You can also see how the level is designed, where X represents a blank space, numbers represent the bubbles and the letters represent a different power up or hazard.

    Version 15 can be tested here. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/159885981/pb15/index.html

    Please note that if you win a level the roof block will move up and down a few times, it's not a bug, but i intend to display various game stats after the dialogue has done.

  • [quote:71voqh5i]I added a popup message box to show the player how many fallen bubbles they have left to collect before the special ability is activated.

    Found a bug which stops the number from being displayed if more than the amount needed to power up is collected in one go. Fixed in next build.

  • Love your game!

    I have found a typo. If it is intentional, then nevermind. "Prepair to..." change to "Prepare to"

    (by the enemy speech)

    Maybe a small thing and maybe it is just placeholder, I haven't read the whole thread..

    Keep up great work.

  • helena You are right it's a spelling mistake, i don't know what the dialogue will read in the final version yet, but thanks for testing and spotting it.

  • Guess i got a bit lax on the bug testing with all the recent additions, fixed a couple of big ones.

    Updated version here. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/159885981/pb15bugfix/index.html

  • I like it.

  • I like it.

    Thanks. Fixed a couple of bugs. One where the bomb powerup didn't work while the bubble swap hazard was active. The other when using the first special ability to clear all bubbles and win the level froze the game. I'm away for a couple of weeks but will have a new version to post when I get back.

  • Progress has been much slower than i'd like over the past month but hopefully i can pick up the pace again soon.

    To help colourblind people i added a small fx to show which bubbles match the next one ready to fire.

    I also made a score board which tracks the players success after each round.

    You are awarded extra points for beating your old best score.

    Latest version 16 can be played HERE https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/159885981/pb16/index.html

    I hope to complete the map screen next then work on the level designs.

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