Post screenshots of what you're working on!!

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  • Nah, they're instances of one sprite, and I also think your random terrain gen thing is pretty damn cool. I've tinkered with random generation in Construct 2 and have...gotten results, but nothing complex as that.

  • Working on a small RTS pause-able space game.

  • Oh okay, and thank you LaDestitute I really appreciate it, especially that it was really tricky and took me some time to figure everything out.

    Nice evillair looking quite interesting so far.

  • Nice evillair looking quite interesting so far.

    Thank you

  • Hello, my game is called Laser Nodes.

    It's a puzzle game I've been busting my brains with for a few months. The mechanics and graphics are 95% done but I only have 3 levels so far. The graphics are made in Adobe Illustrator and can scale from tiny resolutions like 240 x 180 or something all the way up to 4k and still look pixel perfect without unnecessarily overloading memory. It uses different size redesigned sprites depending on window size. Yes, I hate fuzzy looking sprites. I must say Construct allowed me to do some pretty complex stuff, even though my head nearly exploded a few times.

    Hopefully I'l be able to post a link to Google Play in about 2 months and later the app store and windows store.

  • I developed this last weekend whilst attending Jamchester (biggest professional game jam in the UK). You connect your mobile phone to the game running on PC, and use it to interact with the environment to help you solve puzzles and navigate the world. The PC player plays in heaven whilst the mobile is set in hell.

    Here's a video of it working -

    And here is a screenshot. Hope you like it

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  • Olive nice, pretty creative! Are you going to develop it further or something?

  • Boss fight!

  • Boss fight!

    the atmosphere of the game is awsome, love the bakcground and globaly the art of the game.

  • Isometric World Builder!

    You can try it here!

  • spacedoubt very nice dude

  • Olive nice, pretty creative! Are you going to develop it further or something?

    I doubt it. I've got a hundred and one other things to finish before I can start a new project. I may revisit the concept in the future though.

  • Hi all,

    Currently working on 'Forgot my Water!'.

    It's (suppose to be) a retro looking action plaform game, where the player has to guide Chip (main character) out of the desert (where he was searching for treasure).

    The problem is walking in the desert costs a lot of water...

    Version is now 1.5 where stage 1 is as good as finished, but still lots to do.



  • Currently working on a concept for a game I'm calling "Spin Knights". Took the concept from a combination of a few indie games. When you die, you take traits from the person who killed you. The game is planned to be mainly Local Multiplayer, but Singleplayer and Online Multiplayer will definitely be added.



    Ahh, a classic! Good to see The Esfarelante again. Are you remaking it hopefully?

    Thank you

    unfortunately I'm not working on the esfarelante now, I'm too busy on other projects :/

    I'm involved in two games that will try greenlight soon, but I hope after that I can return to my old projects

  • Very good idea

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