Post screenshots of what you're working on!!

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  • Online Multiplayer (platform arena shooter) im working on.

    Colors cycle automaticly through 12 * 4 color palletes.

    Incl Day & Night Time

    + Random play Maps

  • mudmask - very nice game

  • Deep: The Survival

  • Working on the character sprite for my next game. Coming Soon


    Edit: smaller image

  • Working on level system for Jelly Shapes.

  • mudmask Your game looks nice

    Currently working on a small project. A Platformer game with levels procedurally generated.

    I'm working to add more templates for the rooms,create a room/level editor (to make room templates faster and more efficiently) and fixing few bugs.

  • imVergil, are you doing it spelunky style? I actually started working on that too... are you using TMX files for your level templates?

  • Two boss characters, Tun & Fae:

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  • mudmask Yeah,I tried to create an Spelunky-Style level generation (I found a article on TinySubversions that helped me a lot ^^). I don't currently use Tilemap for this project,just basic 16x16 sprites. Each template room file is a JSON File that contains the data to stock into the 2D-Array in Construct and it generates the room with this array. After everything works with basics sprites,I will probably use Tilemap (and probably TMX files for each room templates )

    burningcake If you read this,I can't answer to PMs (Reputation too low :S). Send me your e-mail adress by PM, I will answer you

  • imVergil awesome man! It looks like you're having some success with that! I had something similar working with sprites, for another project, and I remember being concerned that it would be too much to process on certain devices, so I'm playing around with TMX files for the time being. Hey good luck - looks good!

  • My ye olde beat em up project turned into a contra-esque over the top shooter after I started taking away everything that I couldn't do, ultimately losing all of the difficult 2.5D elements and complex combo systems. Now it's all about explosive run'n'gunnin' splatter fun.

    I also learned to hide all the ugly graphics behind fog and noise. heuheuhuehuehue

  • Im currently working on a small game that should run on lowend devices like 1st gen firefoxos phones, its some sort of space discovery/adventure/simulation game but all very basic.

    There will be missions but its also like a small sandbox where you can do what you want with your limited resources (oxygen&fuel), you can also orbit things that have gravity like planets and asteroids and stuff, you can grab and place objects such as sattelites and you also can get them to orbit another object ...and way more to come

    check out the litte video i made about the things you can do so far!

  • Screens of a top down race game I'm working on...

    Loader screen:

    Leader-board screen:

    In-Game screen (cropped, without speedometer UI etc):

  • MasterGeek - good stuff; vehicles look like they were created in an vector program originally.

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