Post screenshots of what you're working on!!

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  • My Construct 2-ing has been hibernating for the last half year. But now I got new energy and I think I settled for the graphic style. I had so many ideas.. Everything from simple vector graphics, hand cut paper figures scanned in, hand drawn scanned in, nicer vector graphics turn to pixel look, and then on top of that, what theme? garden, ice cream land, etc.... Hand cutting/drawing seem to be too much effort (for the low resolution of game, because higher = harder on computing)... and I finally settled for the cute ice cream/candy land theme..

    The player is a bunny looking balloon and the game itself is based on Boulder Dash with my own ideas and twists.. (not added yet.... I am trying to get base good first)

    The strawberries are generated with slight hue variations in game (not sprites).

  • Spent the last hours adding more graphics.

    The piped cream is what I wanted to do but I had hard times to get it right but I did not give up! I used some kind of tesselation method.. Not true but "tesselation light"

    You can also see the drink straw tubes.

    Nevermind the almost out of edge baddie down there, he's of old iteration of graphics.

    The background has to be adjusted too to give better feeling and less straining on eyes.

  • a roguelike/action

    any demo ?

  • burningcake

    soon, i want to make the basic features before a launch for test

  • The idea is to complete the map with as much gold and experience you can get by defeating all the horde of enemies that will spawn. Each Map will have 3 levels of difficult. Completing in higher difficult will ensure you more gold per mob and experience. Also you earn a bonus at the end which will consider the time you spent and the mobs you killed.

    The goal in the game is to unlock all the characters by completing the maps and farming gold and experience. To buy a Champion (I still need to think the name) will cost you experience and gold, but will only spend the gold.

    There is a small chance to drop x20 gold and a token to unlock some of the champions that you don't have. If you drop a character token that you already have, you can convert it into gold.

    Each Champion have a normal attack which you can use all the time. Also they have a normal skill and the ultimate. Both of them with cooldowns

  • This is GEO:


  • My little strategy game i'm working on

    (c) CopyRight 2014 Tom Healy

  • Some more screenshots off the rogue-like game I'm working on.

    -Added new enemy, Catbat

    -As ususal, tweaked some stuff

    -Added some variety to background

  • My little strategy game i'm working on

    (c) CopyRight 2014 Tom Healy

    Looking awesome.

  • GenkiGenga

    looks genius!

  • A couple of screens from the latest build of my project.

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone!

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  • Nice screenshots, mudmask! Really like the oldschool vibe from them.

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