A Hole In the Earth (Blaster Master type game)

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  • Ha, i just noticed I even called it

    Blaster Master

    A Hole In The Earth in the title...

    Anyway, I am Ryan and I'm making a game. I'm not very far along, as I've only got the free version for now, but I plan on getting a personal license soon.

    It's going to be sort of a vehicular metroid-ish kind of game, where you can jump out a do stuff that don't involve shooting things in the face with a big cannon.

    I've pretty much reached the end of what I can do with the free version, and now I'm just working on graphics until I can buy a personal license. I attached a link for people to check out what I have so far, and trust me it's really bare right now, but I guess I'm looking for feedback on how it controls and general game feel.

    So you can check it out here if you like, I appreciate any advice you have to give as I'm pretty new to C2.



    -Keyboard controls got revamped completely (I don't like them, so other suggestions are welcome:

    WASD - move

    F - enter/exit vehicle

    K - shoot / hold to charge super missile w/ missile selected

    L - jump / DJ: press L in air to double jump / HOVER: hold L to hover

    SPACE - brake

    I - cycle weapon

    O - cancel weapon selection

    Gamepad controls are now:

    dpad/left stick - move

    Y - enter/exit vehicle

    X - shoot / hold to charge super missile w/ missile selected

    A - jump / DJ: press A in air to double jump / HOVER: hold A to hover

    right trigger - brake

    left shoulder - cycle weapon

    right shoulder - cancel weapon selection

  • Looks cool man. Graphics look really sharp. What's the story behind the character design?

  • Hi I like it!

  • Thanks mudmask and hundredfold! I appreciate you guys checking it out.

    The main character is a combination of a couple people I know. Mostly my friend's daughter, who is very rambunctious and gets into just about everything.

  • Ok! I've opened it up quite a bit, added some camera lag and some minor tweaks to the controls.

    I also broke the enemy AI, but I've hit the 100 event limit so that'll have to remain broken for now.

    It should feel more like a game though, instead of just lame.

    Personal Gripes/Known issues

    Everything is really brown.... This is being fixed.

    Girl animations are still broken (because I'm too lazy draw jumping animations.)

    Running animation plays when you run off a cliff and stand still when you land.

    Vehicle gun goes through low ceilings.

    You don't take damage.

    Level design sucks.

    Other things related to the game being in a very early state.

    Anyway, same link as before.


  • Well, I wish I could say I've gotten more done over the past week, but It's been a busy one.

    I did manage to get some miscellaneous graphics done though, one thing in particular is the sky now has some mountains protruding into it. That's always nice, right?


    More things to show soon!

  • Absolutely loving the detail in your sprite work!

  • Thanks San! I appreciate that very much.

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  • This week, I managed to find time to adjust the camera a little bit. Now it zooms in on the character when you are not in the vehicle.

    If anyone can let me know whether this is disorienting or not, would be greatly appreciated. Or even if you think it looks terrible, feedback is always welcome!

    Let's see, I also changed up one section a bit so that you need to get out of the vehicle to progress. This type of gameplay is what I'm hoping to have throughout the finished game, although in this case it's just a very small section you need to be out of the vehicle.

    Also the enemy behaviour is terrible, and I completely agree, but I tried to make them easier to kill by delaying them when they land on the ground.

    Anyway, if anyone could try this build and give me some feedback, I would be very grateful.


  • Thanks for sharing your game in the works. The graphics and parallax looks great, but I seems to be getting a flicker that is 1 pixel deep and goes horizontally all the way across the screen (just a bit under the ground where the character is running). Are you getting that too?

  • Thanks for sharing your game in the works. The graphics and parallax looks great, but I seems to be getting a flicker that is 1 pixel deep and goes horizontally all the way across the screen (just a bit under the ground where the character is running). Are you getting that too?

    You are welcome! Thanks for trying it out!

    Hopefully the parallax will look even better once I'm freed from the constraints of the free version.

    I am seeing that pixel gap as well, thanks for pointing that out.

    It has to do with the pixel smoothing option that is turned on. I'm hoping that when I make the ground sprite a proper tilemap, instead of two separate background sprites, it'll fix itself.

  • ryanrybot

    I'm glad that you noticed what I was referring to. Though it isn't a huge thing, I'm at least glad you saw what I was referring to. Your game is looking really good!


  • This is actually really neat - the wheel movement is fantastic - feels very precise (the way it rotates in relation to sideways movement). Sprites and camera work are also top notch. I think you might add a mild sine up/down movement to the body of the vehicle so it feels like and engine is active in there. Will also make it more lively than just a static object.

  • HELP!

  • flatness, Thanks a lot! That means a lot to me!

    I'm in the process of redrawing all the art for the game, so hopefully it'll look even better. That's the goal at least.

    Somebody, thank you! The wheel rotation took a bit of experimentation to get looking proper. Well worth the effort though.

    I love your idea of adding a sine to the body to give it some life. I'll give that a try!


    Hehe, I've updated the game recently where the hole is filled in, so if you clear your cache the game should update properly.

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