A Hole In the Earth (Blaster Master type game)

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  • This is really good I can't wait to try it once it opens up some more

  • Thanks a bunch MythStylz!

    It might take some time before I expand the level, although I should do it soon as it is getting a little crowded.

  • Here's another quick update.

    There's actual weapon and shield drops now. No more infinite spamming missiles, sorry!

  • nice shinning sprite

    i retry your game...i found the tunnel secret (good idea) and now i'm waiting for the end of level ^^

    (sorry for my bad english)

  • Hehe, thanks

    This is just a test level until I get all the game mechanics working, then I'll start building out the larger areas.

  • Phew... That was a long stretch, but a new build is up.

    Here's a list of a few changes.

    -HUD now works correctly ( Shields, Hover, Missile and Bomb selection)

    -added a super missile (select missile and hold the fire button)

    -Super missile shockwave will damage enemies

    -Enemies drop ammo for secondary weapons

    -Changed controls to reflect new mechanics

    -Keyboard controls got revamped completely (I don't like them, so other suggestions are welcome:

    WASD - move

    F - enter/exit vehicle

    K - shoot / hold to charge super missile w/ missile selected

    L - jump / DJ: press L in air to double jump / HOVER: hold L to hover

    SPACE - brake

    I - cycle weapon

    O - cancel weapon selection

    Gamepad controls are now:

    dpad/left stick - move

    Y - enter/exit vehicle

    X - shoot / hold to charge super missile w/ missile selected

    A - jump / DJ: press A in air to double jump / HOVER: hold A to hover

    right trigger - brake

    left shoulder - cycle weapon

    right shoulder - cancel weapon selection

    Here's the link!

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/305 ... index.html

  • Tested : Great job !

    For keyboard:

    WASD/ZQSD - move

    Spacebar jump DJ Press spacebar again Hover Hold spacebar

    J enter/exit vehicule

    brake is optional (for the moment i guess)

    maybe the player will able to turn the turret with right joy (or mouse with keyboard) in your next upgrade ^^

  • Your HUD is really nice (rockets loot by ennmy too)

  • Thanks MadSpy!

    I'll try to work on the keyboard controls a bit while I continue with adding new stuff.

  • Have you made your Hud by yourself?

    i'll be here to test your new stuff ^^

  • You bet MadSpy! I have done everything myself.

    Thanks for helping me test. I really appreciate it.

  • Getting better and better each time! Great work!

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  • This is shaping up very nicely! Super missile charging effect and firing look great. Can't say I played the original, although I saw it, but it reminds me of Metal Slug (as I've played that game).

    I'll be keeping my eye on this one

  • Thanks for the kind words facecjf and procrastinator! It's all coming together, albeit slowly. I've had some new ideas that I think will be fun to play with.

  • Eager to see new elements

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