A Hole In the Earth (Blaster Master type game)

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  • A bit of an update! In fact, it's been so long I can't remember what I've done.

    The first part of a hud is up now when you get in the vehicle. I think I spent some time on that as I wanted it to behave just right ...and you can actually get hit now! Whoo!

    It's pretty standard fare. You have 99 HP per shield capacitor (energy tank) which you collect a you explore. When you run out of shield energy and reach 0 you die. If that's not Metroid I don't know what is.

    I also spruced up some graphics and did a bit of optimisations, but nothing to get too excited about.


  • ryanrybot pretty fun little romp - digging the space invaders type placeholders too... much more interesting than some of my place holders

  • Completly unusual to play. For me driving and stop to shoot. I played to the end. Collision detection seems not to work everytime. Fireeffects while shooting looks great, created by you? Cannon animation while shooting would be cool.

  • Nice graphics. Keep it up, and I bet we see you on steam soon

  • mudmask, hehe. I really have no clue what I want to do for the enemies yet, so it might stay that way for a while.

    JamesXXXYZ, I'm still trying to tweak the gamplay so hopefully one day you can enjoy it too.

    The collision detection is something that I will have to address. If you get stuck between 2 enemies you can lose health real fast, if it even detects you at all.

    All of the art has been drawn by me, except the vehicle which is a rendered 3D model I made.

    Cannon animations are on the list. Unfortunately they are not really a high priority. The cannon functions, so I'm going to focus on building out more systems and gameplay mechanics first.

    jojoe, thanks for the encouragement! I'm quite a ways off from even thinking about releasing it, but maybe I'll try getting it up on Steam when it's done.

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  • Just a quick update. The HUD is getting implemented slow but steady. Latest addition is a functioning Hover gauge that only appears when you receive the hover upgrade.


    I've also settled on the name A Hole in the Earth for now. I think it fits quite well with the story I have planned. As always things are subject to change.

  • Hey everyone!

    I've worked on some new weapons and effects this past week, mostly the new missile upgrade.

    If you would like to take a look at what I've been up to lately, you can play the latest build here...

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/305 ... index.html

    Let me know if the missile explosion is a little much. I keep going back and forth with the opacity on it. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • Let me know if the missile explosion is a little much. I keep going back and forth with the opacity on it.

    I really like the missiles overall. I like the explosions cause they fit the overall aesthetics of the game thus far. Keep it up!

  • Holding left trigger (for stop) and shoot to the right side cause a bug, i can see the house and can't move back to the tank. Nice missle effect.

  • Thanks ! I'll try to make the game look even better as I progress.

    Ah, JamesXXXYZ, I think what may have happened is that you got hit too many times and were destroyed. When your shields reach "0" the tank object gets destroyed and there's nothing for the camera to scroll to anymore, so it moves to the top left of the layout where the house is.

    If that happens, just hit F5 to restart the test map. I hope that helps.

    Thanks guys for checking it out so far!

  • nice... cool art work.. I like how the monster tank swivels..

  • No, you have a bug! On start of this level hold down left trigger and move around left stick a while without shooting...

  • jobel Thanks a bunch!

    No, you have a bug! On start of this level hold down left trigger and move around left stick a while without shooting...

    Sorry, I should have given you some warning about that... Holding down the left trigger will drain your energy and the right shoulder button will add one energy tank and give you full energy. It was for debugging when I was setting up the hud.

    My apologies. I will remove the debugging controls for the next build.

  • Just a small update, I'm updating the UI right now with more stuff, and working on the minimap (which is kicking my butt).

    I hope to have a bigger update, with something to play, soon!

  • Hey man, looking great! I have a question. What did you do when creating a map that size? Is it just a monster sized layout to begin with?

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