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  • Hey guys,

    I've been working on making my Underground Jam entry - Graveyard Goldmine - into a full game.

    This is my first actual game, I've made a lot of prototypes in construct until now, but never really finished anything.

    So now I plan on going full speed ahead with this until i successfully get a functional demo going with most of the features i have planned working. So far I've started rebuilding the game from scratch, and I've redesigned the way the game functions so that there is a bit more of a feel of progression within it.

    What I have so far:

      Main menu screen that is a in-game view of the enviroment with some zombies running about and parallax background. As well as improved resolution and visuals.
      A progress screen where you are driving in the middle of nowhere and looking for possible missions
      A intermediary cinematic screen The main game screen that is not functional at the moment & new zombies!!!

    I plan on reworking most of the functionality from the gamejam entry into the main game, I've already changed up the resoultion and the map has a dynamic camera working. There will also be day/night modes and items

    Thanks for reading! Oh and please post any feedback, I'd be glad to hear it!

  • I haven't had a chance to try it out, but it looks great! I love the pixel animation you got there, keep it up!

  • Thank you Will have more updates soon!

  • Amazing game! You should do a tutorial on the digging mechanic. I think its the best I've seen so far from construct. Keep up the great work!

  • Cool game from you, highscore for me

  • Solomon - beating my highscore in 9 tries - wow, I think you can play it better than i can. Congrats!

    ryrydawg - Thank you, I'll consider that when I start rebuilding the core mechanics - I'm also going to try improving on the current one that I have.

  • - thanks, but you better recheck the score dude!

  • Quick update before I go out - a small screenshot of the lighting effect on night mode (with horrible compresion).

  • Seems promising! I look forward to seeing this evolve

  • Ok so I've been working on the main game screen.

    I've added player animations, more environment details (like fog and falling debris from the sky) and graphics on the background elements. + Dynamic camera that adjusts based on mouse and player position (thanks to this thread: ). So far I'm happy with the way it looks and I'll be moving on to creating the player attack animations & logic next.

    A quick look at it.

  • Thanks, am working on it now

  • You got very smooth movement for the characters. Glad for that! Don't see that always and for some weird reason the smoothness for me seems like one of the biggest turn offs in a game.. Can't say if that is the case for everyone but at least for me that is a big deal. Weird never realized it before.

  • Thanks! I've been putting a lot of time in animation and making sure it responds correctly with player input

    Here's a quick view of the player attack animation I'm working on:

    I've been experimenting with a lot of ways to build te attack animation/mechanic, I decided to go with the fastest possible animation, and I'm also looking into adding a separate attack animation while running so the player doesn't have to stop to attack.

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  • You are most welcome ! You have a good eye for animation and the attack animation speaks well for itself. The contrast is very cool. The overall colors are black/brown between gold and shades of sunset yellows. And then the blood is very very red. That looks really nice.

  • Ok it took a little while since my last update - only cause I'm in the process of moving from my home to a new place.

    Here's a gif with a new attack animation with a slight forward step.

    Looks a little better than the last one, i think. I'm also considering doing a follow-up attack so you can combo for a quick succession of attacks.

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