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  • So I've almost finished with the melee attacks, I mean I figured out how to make the mouse UI tidbits so that the way melee interaction works is a bit more intuitive. The interaction itself is a bit broken but I'll get around to fixing it once I finish with the array based inventory I'm trying to implement.

    It's been giving me a headache - this is where i'm at right now

  • EYO

    success! I got a array inventory working, I got the UI indicators working in a way i'm happy with (there are special indicators every time you can dash, or attack, and other indicators when you have ranged attacks, also a physics path prediction for throw-able items working). Melee attacks are not quite done yet, I do have teh dashes implemented, and whenever you hover the dash range indicator over a enemy it will be replaced by a target indicator meaning you can click to melee attack.

    I'll be moving on to AI next and zombie logic! wooot

    Also credits for the trajectory projection go to R0J0hound over at this thread

    Otherwise I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have done it by myself.

  • Quick update:

    • tried making AI - research led me to this article about finite state machines - "seemes easy enough".
    • tried implementing - failed miserably
    • felt lost and hopeless for a couple of weeks
    • came across this article on project management and 'vertical slicing' which helped me get my **** back together
    • remade a small concrete list of features for a quick complete demo
    • I'm currently almost done with the core game loop, there is a global in-game time that corresponds to real world time (1hour in game is 1 minute real world) and complete day/night cycles.
    • Almost finalized all the main character mechanics

    I'm ready to try making a very basic version of the AI now for test purposes - wish me luck!

  • Hey. Check this out, maybe it will help you ... .capx?dl=0

    Good luck and don't give up !

  • Wow this looks really cool... I love the look of the combat - this is gonna be fun

    I especially love the way you've drawn the zombies, with their flailing noodle arms! Just looks so freakin' boss


  • I love it. The shadow monsters remind me of that old PS1 game: Heart of Darkness.

  • MPPlantOfficial Thanks! I know! I've checked the title before, it has some rad animations

    SoldjahBoy Thanks man! I appreciate the kind words!

    anty21ro Thanks for that capx - it helped me figure out the behavior better before doing any code. I've picked up the 'enrage' idea from one of the AI's there and changed it up to fit the new zombies Thanks again!

    So Update:

    Spent a good amount of time working on the AI. And I've now got the basic AI behavior working! Yay! Lots of tweaks and small animations for each state/action of the zombies.

    I still have to figure out how the 'melee' combat should work (or if there should be any melee combat at all) and how to use the pickaxe throw, right now you can throw the pickaxe but there is no sure way of retrieving it- so it leaves the possibility of a player getting himself into a hole and throwing the pickaxe out and not being able to get out of the hole anymore.

    With that being said I feel like i'm pretty close to getting a basic demo going of the game. So soon enough it's going to happen.

    And now for the complementary zombie-action gif:


  • This is looking great. You have some cool ideas !

  • StefanSava That looks gr8 I would say wow and be very happy that become hit game for you

  • Update:

    • Reworked a big chunk of the game. Simplified and removed a lot of stuff that wasn't working.
    • There is no more night mode, the background completely loops through the entire hue range of colors.
    • There is no more mouse control just keyboard.(possibility to add local co-op)
    • The way the player controls and moves has been changed, climbing was added. Lots of simplification in control feel.
    • The player has 2 slots, primary and secondary weapon. Primary is fixed based on character, secondary can be found on the map.
    • Zombies go climb through walls, visibly on the outside
    • Lots of visual improvements for consistency

    Considering changing the name to Raveyard Goldmine (what you think?)

    I'm planning on releasing a free version sometime soon, so people can playtest it and send feedback.

    Have a nice day!

    anty21ro - Mersi

    Lordshiva1948 - Thanks for the kind words.

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  • StefanSava Most welcome and latest work looks even better

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