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  • New update, more spice on interaction between player and enemies - added flash to white on hit and minor knockback for each bullet. Also worked on making the camera more dynamic and intuitive. It has a bit more complex leading mechanic now, it dynamically adjusts where the end position of the camera should be based on the distance between the player and the character. The smaller the distance the closer to camera position will be to the mouse and the opposite when the distance is really big it moves more towards the player. Also got basic zooming done which makes it look a lot more cinematic I think. But these all seem to need more tunning - here's a preview.

  • Nice progress Stefan. Two weeks ago I installed a game on my phone which has the same pixelate graphics as yours, you should play it and maybe inspire from it, it has some cool blood and other effects. Good luck !

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  • anty21ro thanks for sharing - that's a very good suggestion and it seems like a awesome game.

  • Everytime I look at this game I am mesmerized by the effect you obtained with the multiparallax + the dynamic camera combined together.

    Long Live 2D !

  • Also kraed is gonna be working on music for the game! This is gona be fun

    Hi, people! Thought on dropping by and show some progress.

    GG is a fun project that is allowing me to use all sorts of creative ways to make music. Been interested in all sorts of sounds and strange instruments.

    Without further ado, here's a WIP base for a chase theme.

    Take a listen!

    Stick around, more fun sounds coming soon! From Surf Rock to Fugue to jazz and even Polka!

  • Wow this is just so visually appealing. Im excited to watch this project unfold!

  • Impressive! It's pure talent to make pixel art this good. Looking forward to it.

  • pabloukiyo / trquangss thanks guys! This feedback feels very warm and fuzzy

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  • Hi StefanSava! I instantly loved Graveyard Goldmine on the Underground Jam! By far my favorite.

    Good luck anyway!

  • GAMAN thanks for the wonderful feedback! I didn't know there were people who liked the game a lot, really I think I kinda needed to hear this piece of advice - remember the original feel I was going for and don't stray too far - I kinda lost track with all the new things I wanted to put into the game!

    Thanks for writting, really appreciate it!

  • good work !

  • Marius87 thanks dude!

    So it's time to write up another entry! I've made a lot of improvements on the game over the last couple of days. I've added a lot of interaction tidbits for player friendliness and polished the weapons quite a bit. I've added outlines and custom sprites for the mouse based on weapon type, they also distort. I've done a lot of work on the camera system. Targeting zombies used to be really hard but now I got it all down. It can be fun and furious or you can slow it down while aiming. Aiming also stabilizes the camera and if you crouch while aiming the camera gets fixed to it's current position for the best zombie shooting experience ever. I'm very happy with the way it works so far - it feels really good to play it.

    So I'm gona move on to melee attacks and zombie death animation (maybe even headshots and such) I also have to get the dig mechanic in- I've been putting it off for quite a while now.

  • You're welcome! I'm also proud to say I hold the high-score on your game, actually.

    I think I kinda needed to hear this piece of advice - remember the original feel I was going for and don't stray too far - I kinda lost track with all the new things I wanted to put into the game!

    Yeah, that was the feeling I had, actually. Even though I'm sure you'll come up with something at least as good as what you did during the Underground Jam.

    Keep up the good work!

  • nice project

  • gaelsev thanks!

    OK so, quick update:

    The past couple of days I've been working on melee attacks. I've been making and breaking all sorts of designs since I'm not entirely happy with what I have so far. I don't like the regular 'click to hit' something that's next to you. Especially because I have the mouse integrated into the game so I think the mouse should play a bigger part in the melee combat somehow. And because I'm not sure just how, yet. I've been trying out all sorts of stuff - the latest of which is > on click, dash to enemy if in dash range and hit him + knock him back. But it's not 100% functional just yet.

    Here's some eyecandy while I finish this up:

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