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  • **UPDATE**

    It's out!

    Thanks all here who have helped me with various things over the year.


    It has taken me 1 year and 7 months working on and off around my day job but Brute is now finished and I'm starting to get the marketing materials and website together to release it.

    Here's an unlisted video I will use as a launch trailer when it's available:


    Original Post:

    Brute is an arcade puzzle shooter thingy.

    The initial release will feature:

    * 100 levels - 50 standard levels and 50 remix (very difficult) versions

    * Grid mode - which is how the player progresses through the game non-linearly

    * Secrets

    PM me if you would like to help test the game

  • This looks really interstring. I assume it will be very hard. Something in the tradition of "The World's Hardest Game"?

  • liquidmetal - it is pretty difficult yes! haha not overly tough though, similar difficulty range to N.

  • Okay this level is pretty evil I'll admit.

    Shooting this guy offers some light relief however.

  • Added lasers to the game yesterday

  • Visualizing how the detection zones for these simple AI works:

    In Brute, the AI is designed using the same minimalist principles as everything else. These guys all they do is turn and move towards the player once the player is in their detection zone. Like the player, if they touch walls they die and if they touch lasers they bounce off them. When the player hits a detection zone (which is usually invisible) it doubles in size. This allows me to contain their activation zone but also to increase their chasing zone when active.

    Also made another evil level today (24 / 100 - almost a quarter way through!)

    And might as well show another object, the Gravity Mine:

  • I can't wait to play this. Is this the evolution of your asteroid miner game or are you still making that?

  • Really cool, congrats.

  • I can't wait to play this. Is this the evolution of your asteroid miner game or are you still making that?

    Thanks! I was playing with some mechanics for the asteroid miner game and it turned into its own thing, have put the asteroids game to the side for the time being but I will come back to it.

  • Really cool, congrats.

    Thanks nonom

  • lol BUGS

  • I call these guys Hunters:

  • Starting work on the level selection grid. Looking at 100 levels, 50 standard and 50 remix (super tough). Currently trying to work out how the player should unlock levels, I like the idea of giving some freedom so that if a player is stuck on one level, they have others to attempt. Maybe I can have one master 'node' which the player needs to unlock by finishing a certain amount of levels.

    Problem is that I'm introducing new elements roughly every 5 levels for the first 50 levels so there needs to be some sort of linearity to it.

    N has been an obvious inspiration with this game, they have a nice feature where you have to do levels in 'runs' so that you have to start a level at the beginning of a 4 level sequence.

    The black levels I'm thinking can be attempted in any order once the 'master node' has been completed.

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  • Wow! Man, I always love your stuff so much. You have a strong style going on. What platform are you targeting this time?

  • - thank you, appreciated. So far only PC, I haven't tested the game with a controller yet, not sure if it'll work as it has all been designed with mouse control, it feels good with a mouse.

    I'd like to make a proper game out of this, but initially I'm going to release a 'light' version as a pay what you want thing on maybe with some information about how if I make enough money from it I can build the bigger version which would have:

    • Steam Greenlight
    • New, bigger and more interesting single player campaign
    • Leaderboards
    • Replays
    • Local Co-Op Campaign
    • Level Editor
    • Level rate / share features

    A lot of this stuff is beyond my abilities as a coder so if successful I'll probably get my programmer friend involved to help and he'd want to move it over to Unity most likely.

    Either way I'm not too fussed really, just promised myself I'd release a game this year and Orbit development is still quite slow, Brute is intentionally minimalist and constrained so that I can at least release this initial version of the game and be happy

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