Action-RPG Gamekit/SDK (WIP)

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  • New build, dungeon mechanics coming soon!

  • New build, dungeon mechanics coming soon!

    Very good, I hope that Nintendo found no problems with you.

  • Looks neat man!

    Really like how smooth it plays out.

    What is it with Zelda music?! Instantly takes me to a good place.

  • This looks awesome. Any estimate on release date?

  • Next year? I had hoped to get it out by this month or even November, but I'm projecting early 2017 (quarter one) as I have a ton of bugs to squash, dungeon mechanics to implement, and then to reskin the gamekit for commercial selling.

  • I figure a small update is in order, since it's been two months or so.

    I've gone back to working on the gamekit as of this week, despite planning to earlier than said week. What's taking me so long is a bunch of difficult bug-squashing at the moment, and I have a list of about eight bugs in total, and while one is technically an anomaly and just strange behavior instead of an actual gamebreaking/functional bug, most of these are difficult in nature or part of an interconnected mechanic (disable X to debug and expect to see a big chunk of a system breaking as a result).

    If anyone wants to help, PM me and I'll send you the current capx and here is a list of the most recurring/functional bugs:

    *Not all dialogue characters are getting displayed for the textbox (despite the .xml source showing otherwise and the text not reaching the 'character limit')

    *No pause during dialogue boxes (easy fix, just listed for completion's sake)

    *You can open two chests if they're one tile apart in terms of free space (easy fix, just listed for completion's sake)

    *Bombs do not keep their state with a file if saved (easy fix but a bit more complicated since it involves webstorage data, just listed for completion's sake)

    *Door teleports do not function properly all the time

    *Enemies sometimes lock Link in an input-ignoring freeze with contact damage

    *Blocks making sounds when pushed against a wall

  • A preview of dungeon mechanics!

  • Will you be giving out the capx for this?

  • Yes, but it'll be a product in the Scirra Store when released.

  • Great work! How far are you from completion of this project? I would pay if this template when it comes out. Thanks!

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  • Probably at least a month or more from release, but it'll be by end of Spring/early Summer, if estimating delays/the speed I work at.

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    A new update! (well sort of)

  • One final preview before scirra store prep/code optimizations!

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  • I've launched a Patreon, if you're interested in supporting me:

    Those that support me will soon get early gamekit builds for this project, as well as extra materials like design docs for devwork in between.

  • Gonna be streaming some pixelart stuff for the gamekit in a moment.

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