Action-RPG Gamekit/SDK (WIP)

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  • Going to be giving out pre-release builds to anyone interested, very soon. In a day, or maybe less!

    To get a pre-release build, please send an email to:

  • An invite based closed-alpha prerelease is now available for my A-RPG Gamekit. To get the download links (which include links for osx, windows, and linux), send an email to:

  • Update 6/2/2017:

    The current progress is more of a technical stage currently (as of mid last month) so not much is available to show for it nor will it likely get a build promotion video like previous builds. A whole lot of code cleanup, in preparation for implementing new and major last features before the final stage before release. Since I'm doing code review and cleanup for the entirety of the gamekit's codebase, that means there's a lot of overhead work in consideration so it may take a while.

  • Looking forward to handing you money for this on the asset store when it's out. Thanks for all your hard work dude!

  • An update since I've been quiet for a while:

    I've seemed to have gained an issue with concentration and ADHD. I haven't really touched the project in over three weeks and I'm supposed to be doing the work for a major code overhaul/cleanup, which seems more daunting than I expected.

    I'm going to tackle enemy AI first, so expect to see organized in object-based families along with general clean up and better usage of functions. Might also decide whether pathfinding or state-based systems produces better behaving patrolling AI, as long as it doesn't cause a FPS issue.

    (so, in reality, I haven't opened C2 in over a month but I plan to get over that hump and get the code-optimization started)

  • Also, for anyone interested, got a Discord Server:

  • I've moved all enemies over to use a family, where they now derive specific instance variables from the family, such as health or invincibilityframes. One set of events now covers all common functions, such as knockback and damage but an ID instance variable from the family is also used to dictate if enemies should trigger unique behaviors to said functions.

  • A reminder to those that have or are playtesting the gamekit's public release! URGENT!

    Please submit any bugs found to the issue tracker (that is, after checking if they already do not exist as an open issue), which can be found here:

    A gitlab account is required to open bug issues so I can fix them eventually but gitlab account creation is completely free!

  • Streaming game development/programming stuff:

    (say something in the chat for a shoutout when it actually starts!)

  • New stable build for the gamekit alpha release coming soon, probably in a few days; with a realistic ETA of next week. Expect lots of bug fixes and also plenty of optimization improvements and changes.

  • A new stable build is dropping in ~1 hour or possibly less than that. Have one more major implementation to do, then misc adjustments and build exporting/packaging.

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  • Stable build 1.0 IS NOW OUT: ... 2jW7a?dl=0

  • Downloaded and hope to get the chance to check it out over the next few days. Will leave feedback!

  • A gamekit-hotfix was released yesterday at 11 PM (the dropbox links have been updated), fixes include:

    *Fixed issues with dungeon chests not being able to open

    *Fixed player being able to move when lifting objects

  • Figured there should be an update here since it's been a while. Been on a sort of semi self-imposed break anyway and also busy with other commitments (preparing for a con in 14 days), so I haven't been able to focus on the gamekit.

    I still have a handful of bugs to squash after the now done big code cleanup stage, then I can get to implementing the last major features. For one, I've juggling how I'll handle an extra inventory, specifically the 'spoils bag' I mentioned.

    Currently, it's proposed to function like a static inventory-set with a config much like the main-inventory and have the amount of slots be expandable by end-developers. I might even make adding extra slots config-side, just to make it easier, i.e, just edit the config to add a new slot/item type and boom, the game does it all on the fly without any further editing.

    Another format I am pondering, while still using the config-option, is having only a single or few present icons and arrows and gamepad buttons to cycle/scroll through the entire bag contents, which is a bit of a different approach. Might even make it further like a slot-machine layout with columns/rows.

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