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  • Sadly no you cannot covert sprites to spine animations. But you can use the same artwork that you already cut apart.

  • When I saw this plugin I was super thrilled! Sadly when I tried it out it messed up all my mesh deforms and some other tests I did seemed invisible

    I'm 100% sure there were no syntax errors. But I'm not sure how to fix it either. Any idea ?

  • I have tested it with version 3 of spine yet but it could be related to that. It hasn't been updated in a while.

  • I've updated the plugin to fix some of the Spine export format changes. I'm still working on transform and path constraints.

  • Woo hooooo! Thanks flyovergames!

  • flyovergames - any chance you can add a "on animation (insert animation name here) finished trigger action?


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  • flyovergames

    Does it work on the latest version of Spine now ?

    if not, which version should I use to have the plugin running flawless ?

  • How can I open a "Spine" animation in construct 2 ?


  • Is this still an ongoing project flyovergames ? Looks promising so far really, but the updates on the github...makes me sad

  • hi,

    i try follow steps, but i'm stop to 5 steps:

    5) Select the spine plugin object from the objects window, or click it on your layout and in the properties window set the following:

    Spine Data URL: raptor.json

    Atlas Data URL: raptor.atlas

    Skin Key: (The name of the skin you want to start with) eg: default

    Anim Key: (The name of the default animation you want to play): eg: walk

    this step im not succeeded.. please send me screenshot..?

  • The anim key is the name of the animation in spine that you want it to play by default. Its Case sensitive, so WALK is not the same as walk.

  • justifun Are you the guy behind the JS version of Box2D?

  • X3M - nope, sorry

  • justifun Oh ok, nice demo by the way, the animation looks smooth and vibrant , Keep up the great work !

  • Hey All,

    I am having issues with the FFD mesh aspect for the spine plugin. The Mario on the left is how I want the animation to play. (The Mario on the left is a png sequence of the animation on the right)

    The mario on the right side is how the spine plugin exports. For some reason the mesh deforms in the wrong axis. Instead of deforming on the x axis it's deforming on the y.

    I'm not sure if this is a bug, or an issue with the math(I have no idea about any of this, just speculating)

    Has anyone else run into this? Has anyone run into this and fixed it on their own? Please help and you will see even more crazy spine stuff in the future. We have multiple projects in the works and getting this plugin fixed would really speed up the process.

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