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  • flyovergames is working on a spine plugin! It can be found here: http://www.github.com/flyover/spine-c2-plugin

    Current Features:

    Importing a character rigged and animated in Spine

    FFD Mesh support

    Animation clip switching

    Skin Switching

    Speed Playback Control

    *NEW* Stepping Control

    *NEW* Event Timeline Support

    *NEW* Still image representation in editor view

    How to use----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    1) Add the spine plugin to your Plugins directory and restart Construct, then add it to your layout.

    2) Export your animation from spine using the Export -> Json feature in spine, and make sure to check the box "Create Atlas"

    3) In construct, right click the "Files" folder in the projects window and click import files

    4) Import the 3 files that you just exported from Spine (ex: raptor.atlas, raptor.json, raptor.png)

    5) Select the spine plugin object from the objects window, or click it on your layout and in the properties window set the following:

    Spine Data URL: raptor.json

    Atlas Data URL: raptor.atlas

    Skin Key: (The name of the skin you want to start with) eg: default

    Anim Key: (The name of the default animation you want to play): eg: walk

    6) Press play in construct and see your animation in action.

    Try pinning the spine plugin object to a invisible sprite that has all of your player movement behaviors on it to make it move around.

    Tip: If you want an animation to play from frame zero when you switch to it through actions, make sure after the "Set Anim" action, to add a "Set Time (0)" action as well.

    Please consider using the donate link on the plugin page if you've found this plugin useful!

  • would be nice a plugin like that

  • that would be great, hope to see it in a near future.

  • How about Spriter ? version B6 is coming and it already support Construct 2 ?

  • both programs are heavily BETA, i like/love both, and man will see which will rule the 2D heaven. Spine have a lot of runtimes allready going, but its not the main prio for choosing it.

    FFD will be coming soon, i will be testing both.

  • I much prefer animating with spine, its way more intuitive for me. Spriter is a pain in the butt for me to use.

  • spriter already has some support for construct 2.

    Spine has a nicer ui, but it's way more expensive for the pro version, and its limited in exporting

  • a plugin for Spine is necessary, no matter if a plugin for Spriter already exist ;]

  • hey this is nice I think a plugin like that would be good

  • +1 I would definitely want this plugin and I would even be willing to pitch in on paying for it.

  • +1 I would like to see this plugin done by someone

  • What's the real difference between Spine and Spriter? They both do the same for sprites but what are they pros and coins?

    I have Spriter pro but didn't have much time yet to play with it.

  • shinkan

    I don't have spriter to test the tools side by side, they appear as you said mainly the same, i just kickstarted spine so i would like to see a plugin for that too..

    the more the better for everyone..

  • Spriter is officially supported, it's also accessible and cheaper, mainly. Spine, on the other hand, has a more streamlined, classical animation workflow with a setup pose. Spriter is very efficient for quick jobs, simple characters I'd say. You can change your rig for every animation, it's pretty flexible. Spine is solid, and it's easier to organize complex character animation with it.

    Both lack a real graph editor though at this point !

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  • I know spriter keeps saying they will get to redesigning the interface/hotkeys etc eventually, but its just SO un user friendly. I believe that making good software involves thinking how people are going to use the software the most efficient way. Their whole strategy has been "we have a new feature, what keyboard button havne't we used yet. I know, lets make this tool CTRL+SHIFT+W+Click+Unclick+drag while holding Q

    and then they will eventually either change it all, and ask everyone to relearn it, or keep it the way it is by default and allow users to change the keys, but it seems they have completely ignored how all of the tools work together workflow wise to be efficient.

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