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  • You can open a new issue in the github project and attach files.

  • Quick question, flyovergames, will set skin allow me to use multiple skins at runtime? For instance, setting up an Avatar system.

  • If all the Avatar skins are defined in the Spine project, then yes, you would only need to change the skin name.

    If you wanted to swap out individual pieces on the Avatar, to mix and match, you would probably want to create a single template skin in the Spine project to define the template attachments, then use some kind of map to convert the template attachment name to the avatar attachment name. This could be done as part of the rendering for each attachment.

  • flyovergames

    I ended up just animating all the pieces separately, with separate atlases and jsons. Skin keys for swapping out individual pieces/states.

    Thanks for the advice though, it helped me figure out how to go about it.

  • Hi, isn't Spine plugin supporting minify so far, or it only happens to me?

  • hi

    I like this spine-c2-plugin

    But he does not work in 3.0.12 spine ver?

    He does not display properly in c2

    Please help me to test and teach me thank you

    I'm sorry for my bad english


  • flyovergames

    Error Report;


    Basically, everything works fine until I attach an event sheet.

    Once that is done, it's throwing this error.

    Update #2

    Attempting to debug the issue.

    1.) Created a new project, added a few globals and "on start" event to the default layout sheet. No error.

    2.) Using the new project, I made a debug sheet, swapped the globals and on start event to it, attached it to the default layout sheet. No error.

    Error isn't popping so that means it has to be related to my project, I'm assuming.

    Update #3

    Fixed the issue.. Not sure why it was throwing an error for Spine though but whatever.

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  • flyovergames - Thanks for all of the awesome updates.

    2 questions

    1) How do i make an animation play once and not loop (hold on the last frame)

    2) What's the best way to trigger something when the animation is complete? eg: On animation "punch" finished -> do something


  • justifun

    I know this is a couple weeks late and you've probably already figured out a solution but here's my solution until flyovergames gets back to you.. He may have an easier way but until he replies..

    1.] Determine the milliseconds/seconds/whatever for your animation. Mine for instance is 0.667 for one full playback, 20 frames at 30 FPS, I think. Use the wait command for whatever amount of time for one play through so the animation plays through, then use 'Set Rate' to 0. It'll freeze at the end of the animation, switch as necessary to another animation state immediately after. This is what I did for a three animation jump state, for instance. I may be able to help with a more specific scenario if you want to PM me about it.

    2.] Add it as an event instead of an action. Here's an example img.


  • Thanks KyleWilliamson, ill give those a shot.

    So for #1 you do

    Play animation "jump"

    wait 0.677 seconds (or however long the jump animation is)

    set "jump" rate to 0?

  • That's the gist of it but you'd actually set the object itself to 0, not the animation. You'd have to switch it back on with Set Rate after the switch. I actually just noticed a much easier way though, lol! There's an event for "Animation has looped n times" as an event instead of an action. /facepalm So just set it for "Jump has looped 1", switch animation.

  • KyleWilliamson - The issue with using "has animation looped" or "looped x times" is if you are using it with an animation that isnt loopable eg: performing an edge climb (where the character moves away from its starting location) then the animation will loop back for 1 frame before determining that its "looped" and you will see a visual "pop" before it transitions.

    that's why if there was a way to say If animation.time = animation.length (which technically there is, but it doesnt work), or an option to simply say "on animation "climb" finished" it would work smoother.

  • justifun

    Interesting. Well, my way should work for you then!

    If it does indeed loop back to the first frame as you say, I'll continue using my way.

  • flyovergames I got the Spine animation to show up in the local offline preview mode, but when I upload it to my server using HTML5 export, it does not show up in game.

    Anyone else encounter this?

  • Works for me when exporting to Dropbox. Try without Minifying?

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