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  • I've checked in a few changes to the plugin that should help with some of these issues. The runtime still doesn't support all the features of the latest version of Spine. I'll see if I can get the official TypeScript runtime from Esoteric working with the plugin.

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  • Wuuh!! Awesome man!

  • Hey thanks for the quick response flyovergames (I can't you for some reason) Unfortunately as far as I can tell the mesh issue remains. Here is how Mario looks after updating the spine plugin.

    Am I perhaps exporting him incorrectly?

    Would it help if we were to downgrade spine to before 3.0?

    The new features that spine has added do nothing for us anyway.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

    I've donated to you for all the hard-work you've done. I hope to see continual improvements for spine plugin for the future. Thanks again.

  • ijust8, can you send me a link to the source for your test case?

  • ijust8, I checked in a fix for the morph positions.

  • Wow flyovergames You fixed it! I'm eternally grateful. We will be adding you to the credits of our projects that use spine heavily. Thank you so much!

    I do have another question and maybe a bug fix that you might not be aware of,

    Here goes,

    When there are many spine objects in construct the plugin will try to load it but then eventually it will black screen and it won't load anything. Is this a bug of the plugin or is there just too much json data to load that it overloads the memory? Is this possible to fix?

  • I'm having a bit of trouble making the plugin work :< Whenever I play the project it doesn't show. I double-checked all fields to make sure the .json names and such are spelled correctly. Sadly, now even the index.html file on the plugin git doesn't play for me. I'm not sure why is that.

  • flyovergames is it just me... or is it impossible to mirror the spine object? e.g. when the character is running in the opposite direction. I would normally do that with "apperance" mirror in construct 2.

    But it does not seem to be possible with the spine object.

    Do i really need to create a facing left and facing right animation in spine for each animation? Or am I missing something?

  • Another thing... from what my testing shows... is it correct to assume that the plugin does not support minifying? I am not very happy about putting stuff out there which is not minified.

    Found this link if it helps:

  • So... figured out how to mirror the object. You can do it by setting a negative width on the object. A bit clumsy.. but works

    And I created a issue about the minifyer on the github site.

  • cvp that is the conclusion I came to as well but I was just relieved it worked!

  • Yeah... but to be honest.. I cannot use it for anything if the minifyer is not working. Would not publish a game without it :-/ So hoping that it will be fixed.

  • Hi there! Great Plugin!

    But how do i combine 2 animations?

    I want to run and aim at the same time for example. How can i do this?

  • Ducat - The only way to split up animations like that right now, is to have 2 spine objects on top of each other (both parented to the player invisible movment box). then you use the top one for aiming, and the bottom one for walking

  • Love the plugin, but I'm experience one, rather disappointing bug.

    I'm working on my sequel to my RPG titles, and I'm using multiple spine skins "stitched" together, and the result is beautiful... in the preview client.

    However, when exported, the spine images simply do not appear! (This isn't a referencing issue, and yes, I exported the project without the script minifier).

    Any suggestions?

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