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  • justifun

    You said you were able to export a game with spine animations working, right?

    Can you tell me what or how you exactly do it? (From spine version you're using to export settings, etc.)

  • Hey folks. I'm quite new to this and run into an error while testing. I exportet the basic default "Spineboy" Project and followed your steps. When i import the files to the default file directory in Con2, like in the discription i get this error when hitting "Play"

    Javascript error!


    localhost/SpinePlugin_common.js, line 1386 (col 1)

    When i put the files into a subfolder and change the URLs to this folder, no errors are shown but there is also no animated spine object in the scene. The Object is there but it is empty. :/

    Did some more tests with the raptor example and figured out that this example is exported from version 2.1.27

    Did my export from 3.6.36 so i guess thats the problem.

    Is this plugin still a thing. I whould really like to work with spine and construct 2 but without plugin its impossible.

  • I did some more research and figured out that 3.2.01 ist the latest possible version of Spine to export with for Construct 2.

  • Great plugin! I am trying to using it for a pixel art game, and have a few questions about it,

    When I use it, Construct when creating a new spine object decide of a default size: 250x250 px, and then when I put the spine files into the project, the spine object is displayed but deformed fitting a 250x250 square, and blurred, how can I tell construct to use the default size of the spine files?

    Is the blur the result of stretching? Well, thanks a lot anyway for the plugin!

  • Bishop313 It seems that 3.2.01 has some issues. Animation looked weird in places that I did not change (my change was a transformation of a mesh).

    When I used 2.1.27 the weird thing did not happened (and I did the same changes as before).

  • I'm still hoping someone works on this and not give up.

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  • so...does Construct support mesh transformation from Spine?

    Construct doesn't even support image skew.

    Some examples of Spine animation integrated in Construct? Does it have the features that Spriter has? Like: tween between animations?

  • Hello, I recently made a small game using this plugin. It pretty much works, but it would be awesome if it would get some minor fixes. Exporting from the latest Spine is fine, but the plugin no longer supports reading Events - even from the example scene that comes with the plugin. Animations occasionally get messed up, but that could be because of my lame programming skills. Anyways, great work justifun! Any plans for further development?

  • hi,

    how can I make shooting bullet after event shoot on the Spine? I want a bullet will spawn exactly at a point of the head of the gun.


  • Hi, I'm using Google translator, I'm sorry.

    Help me please! I can not open my animation from Spine in construct2. Why? You are the last hope for me...

    I paste my animation into the .capx example, which is in the folder and set it up according to the example.

    1) Please, someone, give me YOUR ANY animation with bones from Spine for testing. I'll try to open it for myself. Perhaps I did not correctly export the files (.atlas and .json)

    2) Please give me a screenshot of the menu in which the animation is exported from Spine


    I also can not open in my Spine animation, from examples .capx. It's funny that the example .capx itself works fine

    You are my last hope, on the Internet there is no information for me .... I beg...

  • in my suggestion, You should move to use Sprite(https://brashmonkey.com). A developer of this plugin no long support to answer any question-related.

    Have a nice day!

  • Thanks for the advice!

    I was able to get rid of the error! Friends, do not use the newest version of Spine, the new version is the main problem, use the older ones

  • oh, thank you. But sprite is free, and I can use free license to make my own animation. Besides that, the plugin of sprite has supported the function I wanted.

  • This is a long shot, but if anyone is able to modify this plugin so it works with the minification option, I'd be more than happy to pay for the service. (As it is, exported games simply display a black screen when minified.)

    I realize this is an old thread, but it seems to be my only hope of ever using Spine inside Construct, so I'm checking just in case.


  • Can someone show your demo, please? It's easier to understand how it work. Thanks so much.

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