How do I properly use Google Analtyics "event" or "screen"

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  • Hi everyone,

    So I've been using GA for a while and ultimately I've had very spotty results using it because frankly I get kinda lost in the actual GA page. I have managed to confirm I am getting successful messages to it, but have no idea of how to know what they are.

    As it is, I have one setup and it's had various activity mostly new users and I wonder if this is just some kind of web scraping going on. I've tried a number of unique things both with Screen Name and Event name.. hoping I could use some kind of identifiers.

    Let me explain what I'm trying to achieve as this might also help make answering the question easier too:

    • how many times the app is opened up each day
    • how many times the replay button is pressed each day
    • how many points are scored total

    I think this is something that GA could manage pretty easily however what I wouldn't want is for all of these events to bleed together into some big blob of events but be some why I can properly identify each one somehow, but there are a lot of tabs and menus in GA's UI and I just get lost clicking around hoping something will click and I just can't seem to make it work.

    Any tips or advice would be welcome.

    I also get this error:

    Trying to make sense of this as well.



  • Bump. Is there another analytic service everyone is using that is better? I know there are some out there like flurry and such but is this what everyone is using perhaps instead of GA?

    I've gone with GA just because I'd had some success with it in the past but it has gotten more robust and now i think whatever i knew how to do at one time is irrelevant now so I'd be open to look at other analytic options.

  • Did you ever find an analytics service that works with construct?

  • nope GA seems to be about it and while it does seem to work (i get confirmed events) I can't make heads or tales of the data.. where to go to read those events.. i believe i'm sending "game open" event names and such but can't find where that named event counter is.

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  • part12studios - how did you set it up? i'm using the plugin from the "sun temple" page. i've entered the tracking ID, and if i do a local preview, i get a javascript error, but if i put the exported game into my public dropbox and test it, it loads without errors, but nothing on the google analytics registers

  • i'm using the cranberry plugin. i'm using it with cocoon io. i can make a sound fire off when an event is confirmed.. so i know the plugin is talking to GA.. but i can't figure out how to find that "ding" in all the many tabs and pages.

  • part12studios When logged into Google Analytics, click on "Reporting" up top. Then in the left menu column, click on "Behavior", then you'll see several sub-menu items drop down including Screens and Events. Click those and you'll see data on the Screens and Events you're tracking.

  • KENYONB thanks for the explanation. i see where you're point too it.

    however what i see are:

    • new vs returning
    • frequency and recency
    • engagement

    no others.. in my game I have it set to track:

    • Track Event "Event Open Game 1.0.0" "First time Game Opens"
    • Track Screen "Open Game 1.0.0"
    • Track Screen "Splash"

    If I read you correctly, i should see these event names show up below - engagement or somewhere under Behavior.

    I have to assume that this is working because i show lots of activity. the events are making it to google analytics..

  • part12studios maybe this will help you....

    To view data on screen tracking, first click on BEHAVIOR then SCREENS, and next to the menu nav you'll see data on screen tracking.

    (see image below)

    For events, click EVENTS under BEHAVIOR and then click OVERVIEW to see results for total number of events and then events by category and action (which you named in Construct 2).

    (see image below)

    Are you able to see your Screen and Events data now?

  • ok that was a BIG help I found the event, but maybe you can explain why mine looks different.. I don't have "screens" like you.. yet I do have (lower right corner) the names of the two events.

  • So looks like your Event Tracking is working.

    You won't see the screen tracking data on the Events page. So if you clicked on Behaviors and Screens and didn't see any data, make sure Screen Tracking is set-up properly. I have mine set to Track Screen on Start of Layout.

  • yea i have three.. so it seems for some reason the screen tracking isn't working.. here you can see.. its right alongside the others that are working.

  • Maybe having two Track Screen events is cancelling them both out. Try removing one and run the game and see what shows up.

    Also, did you make sure to set-up the tracking property in Google Analytics as a Mobile App? and not a website?

  • yea good point..

    i'm not sure about that.. i'll have to look. where would that setting be found?

    I don't recall seeing that setting option anywhere.

  • If you're referring to setting up as a mobile app, you have to do that from the beginning: ... 4741?hl=en

    one way to check is if you have APP OVERVIEW in the left nav column. 4th one down under INTELLIGENCE EVENTS.

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