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Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 Plugin for Construct 3 enables metrics and analytics for your games easily.

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Google Analytics 4 Plugin for Construct 3 enables metrics and analytics for your games easily.

Try in Arcade!

Google Analytics 4

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    Released: 12 Apr, 2022

    Minor fix when using additional GA Id's. Sometimes the initialization may not be registered correctly in this scenario.


    Released: 21 Dec, 2021

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Google Analytics 4 plugin for Construct 3 allows you to track your game visits and events using the latest Google Analytics version. This plugin is an upgrade to my popular free plugin Handy Utilities which uses universal analytics. Google has leveraged several new metrics and dashboards that provide more insights of your applications with the usage of GA4. This plugin activates the functionality with no technical knowledge required, however, you will need to set up your GA4 account to be able to have the GTAG ID required for the plugin to work. Although Universal Analytics won't be retired any soon, it's always healthy to migrate to the latest version and take advantage of all its new features.

The plugin uses an external-dependency file that you should consider. The GA4 service requires the Google API gtag.js, therefore the plugin always requires an internet connection to be able to work properly.

The plugin is compatible with HTML5, Facebook instant games, Scirra Arcade, WebView for windows and Mac, and NW.js.

This plugin comes with a Demo to make it easier for you to understand its functionality, and ACEs are also fully documented on the official help website.

For a more detailed review of how the GA4 works, please visit the official documentation. Please notice that GA4 is not meant to be used in Android/iOS apps, in those cases you must use Firebase instead.

If you bought the plugin, I really appreciate you can leave a review or contact me to provide feedback.

cubits12x's avatar
2 years ago

A Little More Help for Beginners would be PERFECT

So I don't really know how analytics works. I just knew I needed to track data. Thankfully, this plugin was very easy to set up (the demo was very helpful) but it left me a bit confused, as I couldn't...

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Response from seller

2 years ago

Thanks for your review! If you still have any issues with setting up the plugin, feel free to reach out to my discord server to receive direct support, or refer to the documentation available on my website at I'll be happy to assist you.

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    12 Apr, 2022
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