Google Play alert about OpenSSL

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  • volcank - Crosswalk has been updated on the Intel XDK build systems. If you have rebuilt in the past week, the SSL issue has been resolved.

  • imaffett Ah ok you mean it was updated in their build system then, So I don't have to update my Intel XDK software right?? No I haven't built the games last week but around 2 weeks ago!

    Thank you so much


  • Hello, imaffett, IntelRobert!

    I have the problem with OpenSSL:

    If I build with stable version of Crosswalk, I get an alert that it may not be accepted when uploading to Google Play.

    If I set the Crosswalk version to "beta" or "10", the build fails.

    The build failed. An error occurred while building the application. Verify your build assets are correct and try again.

    Build Log:

    The App ID is "*****"

    The App Name is "*****"

    Crosswalk Version:

    (I've replaced app ID and Name with *****. If you need them, tell me )

    What can I do? I need to update my app ASAP ...

  • I need more info about the build log before I can help

  • imaffett that's everything it says. Just the build failed and these 3 lines.

    EDIT: Attaching screenshot:

  • FYI - I have been successfully updating my apps and submitting new apps to google play using the 'beta' tag in the latest XDK build. No issues building or submitting new or old projects to Google Play.

    The SSL issue had nothing to do with updating SSL on your local machine - it was/is an XDK issue.

  • That's generally due to your images (build assets). Try removing some. They should not have special characters in the names.

  • That's generally due to your images (build assets). Try removing some. They should not have special characters in the names.

    I renamed them, so I don't have any. The build still fails. I've also tried to remove all splashscreens and icons, but still build fails.

  • I fixed it by updating the Crosswalk Build version from stable to 10.

  • So, the OpenSSL alert is here again... As many of people here, I have temporarily bypassed it with installing new OpenSSL on my local machine, but - to be honest, it wasn't a real remedy. We have probably just suppressed it, until Google scanned apps again.

    However, now I have a problem with Crosswalk 10 - my apps compiled with this version choke and crash on my tablet Orion 70l (quadcore, 1GHz Cortex A7). On previous version of Crosswalk (7, stable) they have worked ok. I guess that this will start a bunch of angry reviews for my apps, made by lower-end device users...

  • since I am at work today I will try out tonight building my games again with Crosswalk 10. Hope it goes on well.

    I was going to ask a question. According to the tutorial below:

    I just change the crosswalk version to 10 by typing it and do nothing else right?


  • volcank

    Yes - although I just type 'beta' which is currently version 10, and then recompile as usual. The problem with my apps, however, starts when I run them on my tablet (android 4.2). They become unresponsive too often... I don't know what's the reason behind this. With Crosswalk 7 they worked just fine. However, I must say that this machine is not too strong - on several other machines I see no such problems. That's not a comfort, though, since I know that many users do have weaker machines...

  • You know I tried and my games are working just fine. Maybe you should try Cranberrygame's Phonegap WebviewPlus Plugin for better performance.

  • One of my apps was having this issue but I deactivated the CocoonJS apk version and after a few hours the alert went away. So for me it wasn't an issue with my Crosswalk published build, but the Cocoonjs apk I had as a backup for older devices. Just wanted to mention that in case it helps anyone else.

    edit: I take it back. Looks like the alert came back on Crosswalk apps that I haven't updated. I tried updating my openssl and using beta 10 on one of my apps and the alert hasn't come back on that one for a few days.

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  • I've the same problem, got this alert today, the only way i know to fix it is to build with crosswalk version 10 instead of version 7 and then the performance will be really bad ! any other solution ?

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